8 ideas for office social gatherings

Posted by Guest Contributor

March 30, 2015

Corporate culture need a boost? Try organizing one of these social gatherings with your colleagues.

By Lesley Vos


Work, work, work. Have you heard the employees at your company say all they ever do is work? Sometimes you just need to kick back and relax with your colleagues. Organizing social gatherings is one way that HR – or even individuals within a company – can combat this feeling and boost company morale. Company gatherings can help teams become more cohesive and develop their creativity. Additionally, fun events or parties give employees pride and confidence in their company. Want to plan your first company gathering, but are in need of some inspiration? Here is a selection of popular social events for companies to hold:

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TheLadders' Top 200 Recruiters: Q4 2014

Posted by Joe Amodei

February 15, 2015

TheLadders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q4 2014.


2015 is the Year of the Recruiter at TheLadders. As TheLadders’ Community Manager, I’ve spent the majority of the New Year learning as much about our recruiter community as possible. I had the opportunity to engage with many of you firsthand and ask questions about your process as talent acquisition professionals. I found that your feedback, strategies and goals vary by region. With this in mind, we’ve reinvented our Top Recruiter list for the fourth quarter of 2014.

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New year, new candidate search by TheLadders

Posted by JP Park

February 12, 2015

Find relevant candidates faster than ever with TheLadders’ powerful new search tool.

A new year means new resolutions. Here at TheLadders, we resolved to make recruiting on our free platform faster and easier than ever. In our first act toward keeping this resolution (and only six weeks into the year!), we gathered your feedback on our search functionality and today unveiled a new, totally redesigned candidate search tool. You can now target the exact professionals you want for a role with a few quick clicks.

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Hot jobs: The top 5 trending tech careers you’re hiring for now

Posted by Amanda Augustine

January 30, 2015

TheLadders dissects this year’s top tech skills and job markets with a data-backed report. 

We don’t need to tell you the tech industry is hot. It’s among the decade's fastest-growing job markets, making it difficult to keep up with - even when you’re working in the industry. Whether you’re an industry insider or considering a career change to start recruiting in this sector, it’s important to understand how the technology job market is evolving, and which skills are most in-demand so you can stay ahead of the competition and recruit the best talent.

To figure this out, we turned to TheLadders’ newly launched Job Market Guide, which uses real-time data from our community of nearly 8 million employers and professionals across the nation. Our data science team then specifically analyzed current job openings and trending technical skills within the tech industry to determine which professionals are most in-demand by employers. Here’s what they found:

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Should you rehire a boomerang candidate?

Posted by Guest Contributor

January 12, 2015

Handle the boomerang interviewing process with care, and you could add real value to your organization. [TWEET]

By Abby Perkins


Boomerang job candidates, who leave an organization and return again at some point later on, are relatively new. However, they’re steadily growing as a workplace phenomenon. While previous generations were less likely to do this, today’s workers aren’t afraid to go back to companies they previously worked for.

Why would an employee return to an organization that he or she chose to leave? Maybe he left to gain experience in a different field, or she wanted to try living in a different part of the country. Maybe the salary or benefits weren’t right at the time, but have since changed.

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Understanding the workplace values of Millennials

Posted by Guest Contributor

December 17, 2014

Maximize your Millennials’ potential by learning how to engage them. [TWEET]

By Mitch Lee


Millennials are taking over the workforce, and are projected to become 60 percent of it by 2024. Because of this truth, it’s essential that supervisors and HR managers learn to understand this generation. Some seasoned professionals consider Millennials to be infuriatingly self-assured and lazy, wanting to move up the corporate ladder without putting in the effort.

However, this generalization couldn’t be further from the truth. Millennials are willing to work hard, but they just have a different way of doing things, and reason for doing things, that should be understood by management.

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The mobilization of the job market: What you need to know

Posted by Guest Contributor

November 12, 2014

JobMobile Atlanta panelist Donna Carroll discusses how the workforce of 2020 will impact the job market. 

By Donna Carroll


The workplace is in a state of change and flux due to many external and colliding factors. Company downsizing, reorganization, right-sizing and talent top-grading are buzz words that we are all too familiar with in our day-to-day lives. These organizational restructuring scenarios are prevalent today and there is every indication that they will continue to move and change at an ever faster rate in the years to come.

Additional factors such as retiring Baby Boomers, shifts from a service to technology-based workforce, and emerging trends such as work when and where you want, virtual workforces, and an anticipated shift of a larger concentration of variable workers all will have their effect. One thing that will remain constant is the need to have work completed when you need it, by quality talent, with domain or subject matter expertise.

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TheLadders' Top 200 Recruiters: Q3 2014

Posted by Alexandre Douzet

November 9, 2014

TheLadders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q3 2014. [TWEET]


It’s hard to believe that the fall season is well underway and the end of the year will be here before we know it.  This also means it’s time for me ready to unveil the third-quarter rankings of the most influential recruiters on TheLadders.
Today, we are announcing the Q3 2014 contributions of recruiters and employers in the following categories:
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at an Agency
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation
We chose these professionals from more than 80,000 recruiters who rely on our services to fill their most sought-after job openings with TheLadders’ more than 6 million job seekers. Our selection is based on their exemplary engagement within TheLadders’ job-matching ecosystem, quality hiring process and social responsibility in recruiting during the third quarter of 2014.
Once again our lists are full of new faces this quarter. It’s clear that new HR talent is taking advantage of the high-quality candidates on TheLadders. To ensure your professional success – and a spot on our highly coveted Top Recruiter/Employer lists in the future, stay active with us through continued recruiting best practices.
You can also now download our app, TheLadders Recruiter.  Released earlier this year, the app offers immediacy, simplification and convenient, on-the-go access to candidates in a fun and easy way. "TheLadders Recruiter" is now available exclusively on the App Store.
On behalf of my entire team at TheLadders, thank you for your commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our career-driven job seekers. Here’s to continued success in 2014…and congratulations!
Best regards,
Alex Douzet, CEO & Co-founder
PS. If you'll be in Atlanta on November 12, please join our team and local industry leaders at our JobMobile Atlanta power breakfast and panel discussion. Register now for free to reserve your seat!
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Get qualified candidates even faster in TheLadders Recruiter app

Posted by Juan Lopez

November 5, 2014

The latest update in TheLadders' Recruiter app allows you to find candidates by entering skills and keywords, instantly - all on your phone.

The fall is a big time for us at TheLadders, and for you recruiters as well. Your recruiting efforts have probably been kicked into high gear after a relatively slow summer. Plus, professionals are back from their summer vacations and are gearing up for serious job searching. Here at TheLadders, we’re excited to help you with your fall hiring with an improvement to one of our favorite tools. We asked ourselves, how can we make finding relevant candidates and reviewing applicants on the go even faster and more efficient?

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What recruiters and HR pros can learn at JobMobile Atlanta

Posted by Amanda Augustine

October 28, 2014

Here’s a preview of TheLadders Second Annual JobMobile event for Atlanta’s talent acquisition community. [TWEET]


“Brand or be branded.”

At TheLadders’ second annual JobMobile Atlanta power breakfast and networking event, you'll explore what you can do right now to improve your candidate experience and project your unique employer brand, all while connecting with local industry leaders.

Join me on Wednesday, November 12, from 7:30-10 a.m. ET at the W Atlanta-Downtown. Register today for free!

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Here’s a look at what you can expect at the event.

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