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June 25, 2014

Learn how to get better candidate results and make more hires on TheLadders.

You are a recruiter; you match candidates to jobs. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. In an industry where everyone is searching for that perfect “purple squirrel” of a candidate, recruiting is neither simple, nor for the faint of heart. After putting in long hours and wishing you could squeeze a few more in somehow, it often leaves you wondering, “How do I find the time to locate these candidates?”

Don’t fret! TheLadders is here to help. We’ve compiled a few of the common oversights recruiters make when searching and posting on TheLadders, along with suggestions to help maximize your efficiency and time spent onsite.

Job Posts

Unlimited posting is provided for you no matter your account type with TheLadders. So why aren’t you using it? When posting to the site, not only will we provide you a list of suggested candidates, but we will also show you the job seekers who have actively shown interest in your opportunity. Most importantly, the candidates that have already applied to your roles will be stored in the account for you to review and contact. Your sourcing time has been cut down already just by posting a job! In addition to this, with certain accounts, we even provide special features that allow you to direct interested candidates into your ATS to apply.

When posting a job, be sure to keep your information detailed and to-the-point by listing exactly what you are looking for. Ambiguous job postings return unqualified candidates. A title, brief company description, job summary, and bulleted list of qualifications, coupled with a specific base salary, areas of expertise, and location will yield better candidates.


When searching for candidates on the site, it’s best to begin with a broad search and then narrow down your options. The site uses full Boolean search features (more than just “and,” “or,” and “not”) and will use the information you specify in the designated search fields. Be sure to run a variety of searches for your open positions, saving each search as you go (i.e. Acct. Mgr I, II, & III). Variations in your search strings will produce different candidates. I also encourage you to save the candidates you feel are a good fit, so they’re all in one place in your account.

Click on the following link to watch a demo of TheLadders Search&Post products.

Recruiting in the Mobile Age

Ever been standing in line for a cup of coffee with a looming candidate delivery deadline and wished you could browse through a few profiles while you wait? Well you can quickly and easily find candidates using our iOS app, TheLadders Recruiter. Search and save candidates during your commute on public transit or during your downtime and then pull up full profiles and resumes when you return to your main workstation. Finding a candidate 30 minutes before your competitor may be the difference between making a placement and having it slip away.

Technical difficulties

If you’re having technical difficulties online, first identify which internet browser you are using to assess the site. If you aren’t sure, type “” into your web URL and you will have the answer in no time. For the best compatibility, we strongly recommend using Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome when logging into your account. While you can certainly access the account through Internet Explorer, one-third of the technical problems we receive are fixed simply by switching to a more current internet browser.

These suggestions are just a few of the ways you can yield great results and take a bit of stress out of your job. For additional help or recommendations on how to find even more success in recruiting on, please feel free to reach out to my team at We are always happy to help you!

So, let’s apply what we know and work smart, because as J.C. Mitchell said, “time is not a replenishable resource.” [tweet this]

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Jeffrey is an Account Manager on the Recruiter Relations team. Prior to joining TheLadders, Jeffrey was an Executive Recruiter specializing in financial recruitment. He’s an avid runner with two marathons under his belt, and loves corny jokes.