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September 16, 2013


Tumblr's HR Director, Lindsey Dole, will be a featured panelist at TheLadders’ JobMobile Summit event next week. Get a taste for her expertise, and how Lindsey’s team uses social media and good, old-fashioned networking to find top talent.

How long have you worked at Tumblr and what is your current role?

I’ve been at Tumblr for a year and a half, and currently manage HR and Recruiting.

Your company has a very strong social media presence! How have you been able to leverage this brand recognition to turn Tumblr’s fans and customers into potential candidates?

Our main social media recruiting tools (Aside from Tumblr of course!) are LinkedIn and Twitter. We have a very active Twitter account and create buzz around our jobs there. LinkedIn is a good brand home as well, but Tumblr is where we really find candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate about our platform. Our community interacts regularly with our staff blog to get a sense for our culture at HQ, and we've even gone so far as to only post intern opportunities through our staff blog and not on our jobs page.

How has Tumblr’s recruitment strategy evolved over time?

As we've grown from a 75-person team to a roughly 200-person team over the last year and a half, our open roles have scaled accordingly with new teams being created and new disciplines added entirely; thus needing to target broader sets of talent! To adjust to the volume, we've spent more time thinking about brand awareness and leveraging our employees for referrals. When folks are headed to conferences, we arm them with snippets of information about our open roles and we encourage them to chat with everyone about what it's like to work at Tumblr. Some of our best hires come from connections in the industry!

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