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September 5, 2013


Jess Scott will be one of the esteemed panelists at TheLadders' JobMobile Summit taking place this month! As VP of Talent at LearnVest, an award-winning financial planning company, Jess gives us an inside peek into her role and how her recruiting strategies continue to evolve as recruitment becomes more focused on technology.

How long have you worked at LearnVest and what is your current role?

I have been at LearnVest for about 6 months. I am responsible for overseeing all things HR and Talent Acquisition related. Some of my most urgent focuses currently are managing through an extremely aggressive staffing plan, maintaining our culture as we scale and architecting out a 'people strategy' for 2014.  

How has the emergence of new technologies over the past 10 years changed the recruitment industry?

I am so thankful for Skype. It has changed the way I recruit. The past few years I have built teams abroad and remote sales teams. I have found Skype essential to the recruitment process. People translate differently in person and being able to see someone face to face is invaluable. 

How has technology – in the form of social media, video conferencing, and smart devices – made your job easier, and how has it made your work more challenging?

I have not found Twitter and Facebook super successful recruiting tools. On the other hand, I consider LinkedIn social media has changed the way my teams and I recruit. We are able to identify passive talent much more easily and efficiently. This has caused a significant drop in the need for external recruiters. 

Smart devices and I have a love hate relationship. I am always able to be in touch with what is going on - I almost addictively check my email. This has caused me the inability to ever really walk away from my work - which makes striking that balance a challenge.  

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