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August 26, 2013


TheLadders is hosting its inaugural JobMobile Summit event this September to celebrate industry disruptors, top innovators and the new mobile era in recruiting. Cat Hernandez will be one of the esteemed panelists at the event, representing Chartbeat, an innovative New York City analytics startup. Here’s a sneak peek into Cat’s role as the Head of Talent, and how her recruiting strategies continue to evolve as recruitment becomes more focused on technology.

How long have you worked at Chartbeat and what is your current role?

I joined Chartbeat as the Head of Talent in the latter part of 2012, so it's my job to bring in the smartest technical and business talent that are the perfect fit for the Chart-team. Chartbeat is a four-year-old analytics startup based in Union Square. We're best known for helping major publishers' editorial and ad sales teams -- like those of The New York Times and CNN -- see, understand, and use audience traffic and engagement data to make decisions and take actions when it matters. 

How has technology – in the form of social media, video conferencing, and smart devices – made your job easier, and how has it made your work more challenging?

It's been amazing working with a marketing team that helps shape our recruitment brand and maintain a strong social media presence for the company as a whole. Half the battle is making sure people know who you are and keep talking about the company. That alone, makes the work I do a million times easier.  The larger challenge for us now is shifting our own Careers page to a more mobile-friendly platform and that's something I've been putting a lot of thought and action behind over the last few months.

How has Chartbeat’s recruitment strategy evolved over time?

We've been lucky to have employees and investors with strong networks and I'm always amazed at the caliber of talent here at Chartbeat. We've definitely evolved and refined our recruitment strategy over time. We no longer work with 20+ external agencies, but focus on having relationships with a handful of companies that understand our business and culture well -- the latter being incredibly important to us; no one makes it in unless the team approves them as the right fit. The strategy now is to make sure hiring is a company-wide effort -- everything from partnering with specific organizations to transparency into the pipeline so we're all moving towards the same goal, always.

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