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Thomas brings more than a decade of experience with B2B client relations, marketing, and sales expertise, and is a frequently sought-after contributor to trade publications such as Direct Marketing News, CRM Buyer, and DM Confidential. Before leading the Client Relations department at TheLadders, he helped launch the Strategic Account Management team, which grows revenue for recruiter services.
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Is the “Black Hole” caused by inflated egos and speed reading?

Posted by Thomas Murphy

May 6, 2013

We have all heard the complaint moaned countless times, “Why don’t recruiters get back to me?!” The infamous Black Hole of the application process, as we call it in the industry. Dare I reply on your behalf, “Because you never should have applied in the first place and already have stolen my valuable time?"

At TheLadders, our client support teams devote much of their days helping recruiters redesign and rewrite their job descriptions to ensure maximum exposure to finding the RIGHT candidates. Even then, we often hear how recruiters must sift through piles of unqualified applications where the job seeker does not meet the position’s minimum requirements.

Through the use of cutting-edge “eye tracking” technology, TheLadders recently studied exactly how much time job seekers spend (not much!) reviewing online JReqs, in addition to what items they find the most valuable (the full research is available via TheLadders’ white paper).

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Are women working harder so the boys can watch college hoops?

Posted by Thomas Murphy

March 25, 2013

"Nothing will work unless you do."

-- John Wooden, American basketball player and coach [tweet this]

Working for a data-driven tech company, real-time usage from our more than 5 million members is posted on any wall that can handle the weight of a flat- screen TV. So, when I was walking to our kitchen on Thursday evening, my heart skipped a beat. Our site usage was visibly lower than usual. After grabbing the umpteenth Diet Coke of the day from our communal fridge, I remembered a story my father had shared recently.


Earlier in his career at a global financial institution, he and other executives almost made an expensive and hasty decision, based off of late-March data. However, that was until he remembered the effects (now, well-documented) of workplace productivity during March Madness. Unlike the masses watching their favorite college teams hit the hardwood*, we have spent the past few days monitoring both jobseeker and employer site usage. Are we, too, victims of this annual insanity?

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Recruiters: Don’t miss this boat

Posted by Thomas Murphy

January 16, 2013

It's not too late to jump on board and try TheLadders free service out!

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TheLadders partners with eQuest

Posted by Thomas Murphy

November 15, 2012

TheLadders is happy to announce a new partnership with eQuest, the world’s most utilized job posting distribution solution which enables companies to automatically post their open positions on TheLadders. Effective this week, eQuest clients can automatically post all of their professional positions on TheLadders, with no additional effort or cost.


This partnership is a true win-win for both parties. eQuest is able to offer their clients ease of use and free advertisement, and TheLadders can now showcase open positions to its members that historically wouldn’t be published on its site. In the coming weeks, TheLadders will see an increase of more than 50,000 jobs due to this new partnership.

The hard work between TheLadders’ and eQuests’ development teams over the past few months has brought this partnership to fruition. We’re thrilled to bring more job opportunities to our members and give recruiters more tools to create meaningful connections with potential candidates.

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Helping get you back to business

Posted by Thomas Murphy

November 12, 2012

TheLadders is looking to help you get back to business as normal.

I have always been proud that my roots are firmly planted in New Jersey. Since moving to the U.S. from Ireland generations ago, both sides of my family have been residents of New Jersey. To this day, we spend our summers together “down the shore” at my grandparents’ house: beach by day, backyard barbeque by night.

After the destruction caused by Sandy, the nightly calls to my parents have changed from quick check-ins to “How are you? Do you have power yet? Has the town allowed Gram to move back into her house?” As expected, the Murphy family has stayed “Jersey Strong,” but every night I can hear a little more frustration that life is still far from back to normal.

No matter how tough and resilient one is, there is comfort in having a standard routine. When that is taken away, you feel powerless and unproductive. Although my team at TheLadders gratefully found ways to work remotely both during and after the hurricane, I am certain you and your team lost some productivity. As electricity has been restored (along with the heat, hopefully), TheLadders is looking to help you get back to business.

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