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The candidate experience: Turning candidates into brand ambassadors

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

October 8, 2012

As recruiters, we have it hammered into our heads that we need to create customer satisfaction for our clients – the hiring managers. This is the same whether you’re in-house or in an agency. It’s about providing a great experience for the client and ensuring not only that the right person gets the job, but that the client is happy with the overall process. But there’s another factor; another customer that needs to be considered, and one that’s all too often overlooked. And that is the candidate. There are two main reasons that it’s important to provide a great candidate experience.

  1. As recruiters, our network of great talent is one of our biggest keys to success. If you want good candidates to work with you again and to keep taking your calls, you’d better treat them right.

  2. These candidates aren’t only candidates. They’re also people. People who know people. And people who know people are the luckiest…never mind. Well, you’ve probably heard the adage that it’s human nature to tell 1 person about a good experience and 10 people about a bad one. You see where I’m going here. You want your candidates to have a good feeling about the hiring company both as a potential employer and as a potential provider of the company’s core product.

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How recruiting is like getting in shape

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

August 16, 2012

TheLadders FitFinder representative Heather Bauer reflects on the similarities between getting in shape and finding the right talent.

This summer, it’s likely that you’ve thought about working out more. So have we. In fact, here at TheLadders, we started our own “Biggest Loser” club, and the teams have been squaring off on the scale with a ton of success.

While we talk to our recruiter clients about their day-to-day work, we couldn’t help but notice how similar getting in shape is to the recruiting process. So we thought a bit of fun was in order and put together this chart. Enjoy!

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The importance of human-powered resume search

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

July 18, 2012

TheLadders FitFinder representative Heather Bauer shares her process for sourcing candidates.


You’ve crafted your best Boolean string, yet you immediately know that there are certain things you can do that a computer can't!

To quote Glen Cathey's thoughts regarding online resume search, "Sourcing human capital data isn’t about search strings – sourcing is a process."

Here's part of my process:

Spot and disregard keyword loading

Recruiters know everyone does it – candidates throw in any buzz word they could think of that might possibly relate to their experience, and sometimes a few that don’t.  I’ve even seen candidates include large blocks of keywords at the end of their resume, shrunk to a minuscule font size and changed the color to white so a person will not know it’s there – but a computer will certainly “see” it.

Topics: Recruiting & Sourcing