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Post When You Want, How You Want

Posted by JP Park

June 19, 2015

It's never been easier to post a job on TheLadders. [TWEET]

If the recruiting world ever had a currency, that currency would be jobs. The average recruiter works on 5-15 jobs at any given time. That’s a lot of time spent on writing job requirements, posting jobs, sourcing candidates, reviewing applicants and scheduling interviews. It never feels like there’s enough time in the day. At TheLadders, we want to make things time-efficient so you can focus your attention on the people who matter--the candidates. We’re excited to introduce our redesigned posting experience.


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New year, new candidate search by TheLadders

Posted by JP Park

February 12, 2015

Find relevant candidates faster than ever with TheLadders’ powerful new search tool.

A new year means new resolutions. Here at TheLadders, we resolved to make recruiting on our free platform faster and easier than ever. In our first act toward keeping this resolution (and only six weeks into the year!), we gathered your feedback on our search functionality and today unveiled a new, totally redesigned candidate search tool. You can now target the exact professionals you want for a role with a few quick clicks.

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Faster access to applicants for a speedier hiring process

Posted by JP Park

September 17, 2014

The latest update in TheLadders' recruiter app allows you to view applicants and connect instantly - all on your phone.

Here at TheLadders, we get excited about creating innovative products that make recruiters’ jobs faster and easier. When we unveiled our best-in-class mobile app, TheLadders Recruiter, talent acquisition leaders were thrilled to get access to TheLadders’ candidates on the go, and with an experience simple enough to use on a small screen.  (Don’t have the app? Download it for free now)

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been listening to your feedback, and as a result, have focused our efforts on making the mobile-recruiting experience more connected with your desktop experience. Today, we’re proud to announce an app update we think you’ll like: You can now view applicants for your job postings on the go and as soon as they apply. We understood from user testing that a short time-to-hire was critical, and so most recruiters need a simplified, mobile experience that gives them the essentials without the sometimes confusing bells and whistles of the desktop site. With the app you can immediately review candidates who applied to or “liked” your roles, and remove them when they’ve been filled.  

In a time crunch? Contact candidates faster with this new feature

Posted by JP Park

March 18, 2014

Recruiters, you’re getting 10 minutes of your day back with TheLadders new candidate messaging feature.

Between interviews, conferences and career fairs, talent acquisition professionals don’t have a lot of spare time. Do you sometimes wonder how you do it all AND find and contact the best candidates for your difficult roles?

Our job at TheLadders is to make sourcing and connecting with top talent as quick and easy as possible so you can spend more time getting them hired. That’s why we’re excited to share a new product update with you: Mass candidate messaging. You can now compartmentalize your work on TheLadders by searching for and saving quality candidates, then sending a personal, individualized message to each of them at once.

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