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Ben Grohe is the Head of Product at TheLadders, where he leads development, execution, and product launches to delight the company’s more than 6 million job seekers and 67,000 recruiters and employers, alike. After spearheading employer products for the last two years, he recently began managing the TheLadders’ mobile-product offerings. He joined the company in 2010. When he is not coming up with innovative ideas to delight our customers, he is celebrating his European heritage by cruising the streets of New York City on his Vespa or playing football (the REAL football).
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Introducing TheLadders' iPhone app

Posted by Benjamin Grohé

July 24, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we successfully released our first iPhone app for job seekers. We managed to get more than 140k downloads within the first week, and got great coverage on TechCrunch, Reuters and many other news outlets. “That’s great news,” you might be saying, “but what does that have to do with recruiters or hiring managers?” Glad you asked, because, as it turns out, it has rather big implications. And here is why:



Like any industry, the recruitment industry is an ecosystem. There are job seekers on one side and jobs (and recruiters and hiring managers) on the other. If you change one side of the equation it affects the other side as well. That’s why, when we started building the app, we thought about this as a holistic experience. The goal was to create something that is valuable to the ecosystem. We did this by considering every feature with the impact it has on both sides. Let’s start off with one of the main differences between our app and any other job search app:


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