Attract top candidates through mobile recruiting

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December 5, 2013

To find the best talent, recruiters must optimize their talent acquisition strategies for the mobile candidate.

Social_Media_MobileA recent Jobvite survey found that 75 percent of the American workforce is comprised of job seekers. Of these job seekers, 77 percent take to their mobile phones to get leads on potential job opportunities. With individuals increasingly relying on mobile devices to job search, recruiters and hiring managers need to follow suit if they want to get the best candidates. As demonstrated in our JobMobile event series, it’s easy to talk about mobilizing recruiting strategies, but actually implementing them can be a challenge.

Here are three mobile strategies that you should take action on immediately to engage and recruit top talent.

Make your career page mobile-friendly
Optimizing your site is the most challenge and important step you can take to attract mobile job seekers. An easy way to do this is to simplify the design of your site, and include simple, visually pleasing graphics. Another affordable solution is to create a responsive design for the page, using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) technology that auto-adjusts to display properly on all modern devices.

Optimize your information
If you own a mobile device, you’ve likely opened a website to find the content was simply too wordy to read through. Smaller screens require more concise, compelling copy and carefully chosen formatting to break information into easily digestible parts. Use this strategy when writing anything a potential candidate might see – from the job descriptions you post on TheLadders, to your company information pages and social media presence.

Use social media to attract candidates
Over 60 percent of the workforce hold a satisfactory job, but are open to pursuing new opportunities. This passive candidate pool can best be reached through social media because they don’t frequent regular job-search channels. Over 88 percent of job seekers (passive or active) have at least one social networking profile, however. This makes social media a prime place to brand yourself and your company, and let the potential candidates come to you. A few suggestions for what to post:

  • Photographs: Include photographs on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to showcase your location, company culture and perks.
  • Testimonials: Post a testimonial on Facebook, YouTube, your career page, LinkedIn or Google+ to get candidates interested in your company. Video testimonials are especially impactful.

Mobile is no longer the next frontier in the job search. Candidates are already using their mobile devices to find jobs, leaving recruiters scrambling to catch up. This form of recruitment will only grow and expand over the upcoming years, and recruiters who don’t get on board quickly risk losing candidates to their mobile-friendly competitors . In our next post, we’ll discuss how to connect and engage with candidates via mobile.

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