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Posted by Sarah Woodard

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March 16, 2014

Revolutionize the way you find top talent with TheLadders’ app.

Between sending emails, calling candidates and checking their social networking pages, recruiters spend a lot of time on their phones. So why is it that such an integral part of the job – sourcing candidates – hasn’t been mobilized? Enter TheLadders.

The newest mobile offering, "TheLadders Recruiter," was built to save you time and revolutionize the way you recruit; enabling you to find top talent while on the go. The app strives for three things: To make your candidate discovery effortless, to show you the most relevant candidates, and to make it fast and easy to directly connect with them, no matter where you are. 


Find talent quickly

The app doesn’t waste any time bringing the best candidates to you after you sign in. Rather than fumbling with keywords and intricate search strings, recruiters are asked to provide a little information about the role they’re trying to fill: Title, key skills, salary and location. Less than 30 seconds into opening the app, and you have candidates in front of you. The results that appear are highly relevant, and the key search components can easily be edited to expand or narrow the field.

Save candidates you like

From here it gets addicting. If the candidate you’re viewing is right for the role, swipe right. “Candidate saved!” appears at the top of the screen. If the candidate doesn’t fit the role, swipe left. “Candidate dismissed.” It’s easy to get lost saving and dismissing candidates and before you know it, you’ve seen the entire batch. You now have a neat little folder filled with candidates that meet your criteria. If a new professional joins TheLadders who meets that role’s criteria, they will be added to the results the next time you open the app.


Connect immediately

Arguably the best feature in the app is the ability to contact candidates directly and instantly. As you’re saving and dismissing candidates, you may come across someone who is so perfect for your role that you must contact them immediately. With "TheLadders Recruiter," this can be done directly from the app. After clicking “Contact” on the star candidate’s profile page, you’re prompted to either email, text, or call that person. Connecting is that simple. And if that wasn’t easy enough, a pre-populated message appears with your name and the candidate’s name already inserted. No back-and-forth within a company’s messaging system – just direct connections.

Take your search anywhere

The time has passed for your talent search to be confined to your office desktop computer. With "TheLadders Recruiter" you’re able to turn unproductive downtime into valuable sourcing time. The app synchs seamlessly with your recruiter account on TheLadders, so you can find top talent on your commute or in line for coffee each morning, and review your findings or continue the search when you get into work and can log into your account.

Make better use of your downtime. Download "TheLadders Recruiter" on the App Store today and find great candidates. Anytime, anywhere.

"TheLadders Recruiter" is currently available exclusively for iOS. 


Sarah Woodard is a Junior Copywriter on the marketing team atTheLadders, and has spent nearly four years in the job-search industry working with recruiters and job seekers alike. When she isn’t flexing her creative writing muscles, Sarah can be found triathlon training or hopping around the city soaking in all the food, sports and culture New York has to offer.

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