5 tricks for receiving qualified candidates

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October 24, 2013

Ensure you’re making the most of your job postings with these simple tips. 

Recruit_TheLadders_EmployersAs an Account Manager on the Recruiter Relations team, I’ve helped hundreds of talent acquisition professionals maximize their experience on TheLadders.  While the site seems straightforward, there are many tricks that will make your life easier and lead to better candidates for your positions. Today I’ll provide you with insider tips on how to optimize your job postings.

1. Use QuickPost

QuickPost is on the Home page of your account, and is a quick and easy way to create a new position. From QuickPost you can also copy an existing job post and change certain fields, such as location or compensation.  Three words for this: Quick, efficient, easy!

2. Write a full job description. 

Make sure you don’t skimp on the details of your positions! Job seekers like to know what they’re getting into before spending time tailoring a resume and cover letter. This will also ensure you receive fewer applications from unqualified candidates. Clearly state what the requirements of a position are, and separate them from the “nice-to-haves.” The more robust your job description is, the closer you are to attracting stellar, on-target candidates.

3. Include compensation.

Believe it or not, job seekers gravitate toward positions with compensation included. As with job descriptions, this helps job seekers know what they’re getting into, and will help you receive applications from on-target candidates. If you can’t divulge the exact salary, try entering a range (It really does help!).

4. Set the target audience.

TheLadders Tips for Qualified CandidatesThis one is a must! Do you really want every single job seeker on TheLadders applying to your job? Didn’t think so. All of our job seekers are put into “salary bands” for your convenience. It’s like blinders for job seekers. It means that a candidate making less than $80k will never see a job posting with a $200k salary. You can take this a step further by setting your own target audience to either expand or narrow the salary bands already in place. This is another way to ensure only qualified candidates will see your post.

5. Use Targeted Hiring Alerts. 

This is free, highly targeted advertising for your job postings. After posting a job, you can send a Targeted Hiring Alert to instantly promote your position and a small message to all the job seekers in our database who match the criteria of your job. Be sure to include specific requirements so the alert only goes to the right job seekers. This is your opportunity to get qualified candidates’ attention, so make the most of it!

These five tips will help you use each of your job postings to the fullest, and will keep your applicants on-target.  Click here for tips on writing a job description that will catch your target audience’s eye.

PicJessica Morales is an Account Manager at TheLadders, helping recruiters maximize their experience on the site. Jessica loves to brunch, travel, enjoy Sunday football (go GIANTS!) and spend time with family, friends and her dog, Max.


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