Attract top candidates through mobile recruiting

Posted by TheLadders

December 05, 2013 @ 09:45 AM

To find the best talent, recruiters must optimize their talent acquisition strategies for the mobile candidate.

Social_Media_MobileA recent Jobvite survey found that 75 percent of the American workforce is comprised of job seekers. Of these job seekers, 77 percent take to their mobile phones to get leads on potential job opportunities. With individuals increasingly relying on mobile devices to job search, recruiters and hiring managers need to follow suit if they want to get the best candidates. As demonstrated in our JobMobile event series, it’s easy to talk about mobilizing recruiting strategies, but actually implementing them can be a challenge.

Here are three mobile strategies that you should take action on immediately to engage and recruit top talent.

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The company culture myth

Posted by Mike Deissig

December 04, 2013 @ 01:00 PM

Company culture is the new HR buzzword, and we get to the bottom of what it really is.

TheLadders_Culture_01The word ‘culture’ is thrown around a lot In the NYC tech space and hiring market as a whole. It’s as hot a topic as data science. As the technical recruiter at TheLadders, I’ve seen first-hand that members of the HR and talent acquisition community tend to look for easy ways to instill ‘culture’ into a company. Because of the popularity of these shortcuts, the term has become diluted. So what’s really at the heart of company culture?

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Relationships: The missing element in modern recruiting

Posted by Guest Contributor

November 07, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

JobMobile Boston panelist talks about how 'paying it forward' can really pay off in the recruiting business.  

By Steve Kasmouski

handshakeFor recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers, finding top talent requires more than just posting ads, making phone calls and sending emails. In today's world of information overload and technology abundance, in-demand professionals are doing everything they can to avoid constant solicitation from recruiters. And who can blame them? Regardless of your profession, it is likely that you have had a bad experience with a narrow-minded recruiter who claims to have the ticket to your dream job without knowing the first thing about you. These conversations lack what is most important: the candidate-recruiter relationship.

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Bridging the candidate skills gap with a compromise: Part I

Posted by Guest Contributor

November 05, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Could the Founding Fathers hold the talent acquisition solution?

By Brad Wilkins

Mind_the_GapThe Opportunity Nation Coalition published a study last week indicating “Almost 6 million [people aged 16 to 24] are neither in school nor working.”  Additionally, veterans are coming home from serving our country with great teamwork skills and discipline, but are unable to provide for their families.  Yet HR departments across the country bemoan the lack of qualified candidates for the 3.7 million job openings unable to be filled. This is because of what HR collectively calls the “skills gap,” which we have been trying to bridge for over a decade. 

Let’s start calling it what it really is:  The “compromise gap”

The compromise gap is when both parties stop blaming each other for the gap, and recognize that they must meet in the middle.  Employers need to invest in substantial training and career planning, and the unemployed need to adjust their expectations.  As long as HR continues to call it a “skills gap,” implying the onus is on the candidate to bring all the qualifications to the table, we will continue to have this issue.

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Top recruiting insights from JobMobile Atlanta

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November 04, 2013 @ 04:04 PM

TheLadders’ JobMobile series took a page from the southern-migrating birds last week, and descended on Atlanta for its fifth local event. The warmer weather wasn’t the only appeal – Atlanta is a hotbed of hiring right now, and it’s an important place to discuss mobile recruiting. If you weren’t able to attend or have been tuning in as TheLadders travels across the country, here are the top takeaways from JobMobile Atlanta:

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5 tricks for receiving qualified candidates

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October 24, 2013 @ 04:13 PM

Ensure you’re making the most of your job postings with these simple tips. 

Recruit_TheLadders_EmployersAs an Account Manager on the Recruiter Relations team, I’ve helped hundreds of talent acquisition professionals maximize their experience on TheLadders.  While the site seems straightforward, there are many tricks that will make your life easier and lead to better candidates for your positions. Today I’ll provide you with insider tips on how to optimize your job postings.

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TheLadders' Top 200 Recruiters and Top 50 Employers: Q3 2013

Posted by Alexandre Douzet

October 20, 2013 @ 05:00 PM

TheLadders Top Recruiters and EmployersDespite balmy 70-degree temperatures in New York City this week, it’s hard to believe that the fall season is well underway! However, that means it’s time for me to unveil the third-quarter rankings for the most influential recruiters on TheLadders. Today, we are announcing the Q3 2013 contributions of recruiters and employers in the following categories:

  • Top 50 Employers
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at an Agency
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

Below are key features which showcase our best-of recruiters:

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Mobile recruiting strategies from top industry leaders at JobMobile Summit

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October 16, 2013 @ 04:27 PM

Speakers from JobMobile Summit share their perspective on the challenges and benefits of mobile disruption in the recruitment industry. 

As a mobile-first technology company, TheLadders is dedicated to bringing job seekers, employers and recruiters into the mobile era with ease. Job seekers have already accepted mobile technology in the search, with 84 percent saying they’d use their smartphone to find a job. Talent acquisition, however, has not embraced the mobile shift with the same fervor. This disparity between groups could lead to missed opportunities for recruiters who aren’t including mobile strategies in their recruiting.

TheLadders Mobile Device Usage Chart
TheLadders began hosting local JobMobile events throughout the country in early 2013 and held its first national JobMobile Summit this past September to discuss the mobile disruption in recruiting. The summit was a great success, and attendees heard from – and interacted with – national thought leaders on the subject. Below are a few of the top innovators we heard from and their take on the mobile shift. 
Join us October 1 in New York for our Second Annual JobMobile Summit - register today for free!

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TheLadders Proves Diversification Leads to More Candidates

Posted by Jessica Morales

October 15, 2013 @ 10:57 AM

There might be a government shutdown going on right now but that has not prevented the Wall Street Journal to report on what could have been the unemployment rate. The media loves to report on the unemployment rate, even with a government shutdown. Averaging 7.3 percent in the United States, this rate can range from three percent in Bismarck, ND to 30 percent in Yuma, AZ. These reports are almost always focused on job seekers going through the perilous job-search process. The story that’s overlooked, however, is the talent acquisition side of the statistics. While low unemployment rates are great for the economy, the outlook for recruiters in Bismarck might not be as thrilling.

Announcing TheLadders ELITE Boston!

Posted by Alexandre Douzet

October 09, 2013 @ 04:00 PM


As a mobile-first, web-second tech company, we at TheLadders have always had our finger on the pulse of the latest markets that excel in technology and entrepreneurship. Proudly, TheLadders boasts some of the most innovative employers in the country. In fact, since announcing one year ago that we are a free resource to employers, TheLadders has grown to more than 49,000 – the highest number in our company’s history.

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