Want to Know What a Great Resume Looks Like?

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These resumes serve as a guide on how you should present your own accomplishments to land your dream job.

By Ware Sykes


Job seekers are always asking us for examples of great resumes. We thought that writing resumes for two extraordinary men like Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama would be a great way to demonstrate what a powerful resume should look like.

We asked Wendy Enelow, who helps train and develop our executive resume writers, to write both resumes, sourcing information from their senatorial and campaign websites. Wendy is a published author with 30+ books on executive job search, executive resumes, executive cover letters, keywords, interviewing and entrepreneurship.

As a matter of fact, ABC News liked our presidential resumes so much, it used them as the centerpiece for a story on how candidates make their pitches to the American people. "It's like most jobs, just slightly more powerful," ABC News senior political reporter Rick Klein said. "And you're running to be everybody's boss, but really you work for everybody."

“Great resumes,” one ABC News reader responded. “I wish the candidates themselves could be so succinct. … Congratulations to TheLadders.com for doing this. No wonder they are beating the other job search websites.”

While these resumes were not officially approved by either senator, we think we have presented their distinguished qualifications and achievements as best we can and that’s a resume writer’s #1 goal. We hope these resumes serve as a guide on how you should present your own accomplishments to land your dream job.

View Senator John McCain's resume and Senator Barack Obama's resume.

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