A look behind the scenes at TheLadders

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Each year, I take you "behind the scenes" at TheLadders headquarters here in Manhattan so that you can have a peek at the people working hard to help you find your next job. 

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Stop Whining About Your Career and Start Over

Posted by Guest Contributor

11:30 AM

Try this exercise: on a blank sheet of paper, keep all your skills and experiences, but write down a new direction for your career and your business. What will you do differently?

By Dan Coughlin


The shake-up following the Great Recession has been proffered as an opportunity to reassess our financial regulatory system and our national economic priorities. It’s also a golden opportunity to examine your own career priorities. You should take into account pillars of your personal economics that have been knocked down as well as the ways you can negotiate this new landscape.

Consumers and companies are changing the way they behave in the marketplace, mostly as regards how they spend money. Savings is the trend and everyone — individual and organization alike — is being selective in terms of what they invest in.

…and so where do you go from here?

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If the Job Fits

Posted by Guest Contributor

01:00 PM

Assessing the cultural fit of a company extends far beyond age or interests, and it can make all the difference between success and failure on the job.

By Patty Orsini


The job description seems like it was written for you. The pay is right, the commute easy on your nerves, you even like your new boss, and the coffee machine is near your desk. But is the new job a good cultural fit? How can you even tell?

Assessing the cultural fit of a company goes well beyond whether you are about the same age as your co-workers or share interests with your managers. It includes the way the company runs day to day as well as grander elements such as the ethical guidance of the leadership or whether your role fits into the strategic vision.

If you are eager to make a move, you might be willfully ignoring signs that these elements of the job will make it hard for you to succeed — or at the very least hard to enjoy it, warned Stephanie Daniel, vice president and group program manager at Keystone Associates in Boston, where she advises professionals in career transition.

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Quiz: Is Your Resume Under-Formatted?

Posted by Guest Contributor

11:30 AM

10 ways to tell if your resume is lacking the visual cues recruiters look for.

By Irene Marshall


Design matters. Yes, even on a resume. And the way to design a Word document is to use formatting cues to guide the reader’s eyes. Here are some ideas on how to consider (or reconsider ) what your resume looks like.

1. Where do you place your contact information?
A. I start my resume with it at the top of every page.
B. I place it in the footer so it’s the last thing they remember.
C. I only place it in the body of my e -mail to create a layer of privacy.

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The Essential Summer Job Interview Wardrobe List

Posted by Guest Contributor

10:30 AM

The essentials every man and woman needs for the job interview.

By Nina Myers


Five things every man needs:

- An unlined wool suit jacket

- A handkerchief

- Breath strips

- A shoe shine

- A proper, structured leather briefcase with handles

Five things every woman needs:

- A medium-size canvas or leather tote bag

- A statement necklace

- Ballet flats

- Frizz-reducing hair product

- A structured, sleeveless, belted dress 

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