Transforming Your Resume Into an Interview Magnet

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10:30 AM

Transforming Your Resume Into an Interview Magnet

By Abby Locke

If your job search campaign keeps netting you zero responses and you have been faithfully trying all avenues, you might consider re-thinking your resume strategy.

Your executive resume must be a strategic marketing document, not a career obituary or a string of job descriptions. After all, the only way you can attract attention is to be unique and differentiate yourself from the competition. Imagine for a second that you were reviewing tons of resumes that all looked and sounded the same. How would you determine the best candidate?

To present yourself as the best candidate and the right solution for companies, your executive resume should tell the reader who you are, what value you bring, and where/how you have been successful. Old, traditional resumes told employers about the past; today’s executive resume must indicate how you can make a difference in the future.

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