How Much Is Your Resume Worth?

Posted by Geoffrey Bourne

11:33 AM

A well organized, easy to read, and error free resume is your gateway into getting the interview. [TWEET]


Have you ever considered how much your resume is worth?  Put an actual dollar value on it?  I sometimes ask people seeking resume help how much they think their two-page resume is worth (hopefully their resume is only two pages and not the 10+ I’ve seen).  I get answers from five cents to “a lot,” but the right answer is: it depends on how much I make.  If I earn $100,000 every year for the next ten years, these two pages are worth $1,000,000 dollars to me.  Think about that for a second.  The resume I thought of as a burden to create and update, which I worked on while watching The Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones, is possibly worth $1mm or more to me.  What other documents have you recently created worth $1mm+ to you?

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8 Things On Your Resume That Annoy Hiring Managers

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:48 PM

Avoid these resume techniques and phrases that annoy hiring managers.  [TWEET]


When it comes to writing your resume there is a plethora of advice that is readily available for you to use at any time.  When it comes down to the actual writing, however, you decide what does and does not go on your resume.  This is where the mistakes can come in.  While it can be hard to look inside the mind of a hiring manager to know exactly what he wants, there are still steps you can take to avoid causing irritation or anger with your resume. 

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A Free, Modern, Beautiful Way to Write Your Resume Well

Posted by Marc Cenedella

10:38 AM


We launched the world's best resume writer this morning. Based on our decade-plus of experience helping America's top professionals, we've put all of our best thinking into Resume Builder, available here at 

Since Ladders launched in 2003, we've assessed millions of resumes, filmed HR people scanning your resumes, and even hand-written tens of thousands of resumes for members like you. 

We made Resume Builder in order to capture all of that knowledge in a wonderfully easy and effective product: 

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The 8-Minute Resume

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

You're eight minutes away from a better resume.


Last week I mentioned our powerful, free Resume Reviewer, which does a terrific job at helping you understand what's wrong and what's right with your resume. 

We'll be announcing tools to help you write your whole resume soon, but in the meantime, I'd like to share with you this simple 8-minute guide. It'll take you 8 minutes to read, probably an hour or two to do, and provide months of benefit in reducing your resume anxiety. 

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Get Our Free Resume Review in 35 Seconds or Less

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


Our very popular Resume Reviewer launched three months ago. Tens of thousands have used it. On average, 87% say it's useful. 

And 86% said they'd recommend it to their friends. 

If you'd like to get your resume reviewed in 35 seconds or less, for free, visit our Resume Reviewer here.

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Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Resume

Posted by Michelle Hawley

05:11 PM

Help your resume stand out from the crowd by adding unique visuals.  [TWEET]


Before deciding to add visuals to your resume in any way, you should first consider if it is appropriate for the job you are applying for.  This specific way of spicing up a resume is geared toward more creative jobs, where working with visuals is important for day-to-day functions.  A great example of an industry where visuals would be rewarded would be graphic design.  Typically, creative fields are just more receptive to candidates who can think outside the box.  More traditional industries, however, are going to give more pushback toward using visuals in any form.  If you are searching for a career in this type of industry, using visuals could actually harm your chances of securing an interview or position. 

If you’ve come to the conclusion that using visuals on your resume would enhance your job prospects, follow these tips to get the most out of your resume.

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10 Things You Should Never Include in your Resume

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:51 PM

Learn what to avoid including in your resume for job search success. [TWEET]


Preparing a resume can be difficult to do.  Even if you consult the internet, there is so much information that it can be hard to take it all in.  While you may have already read up on what you should include in your resume and how to word it just so, have you taken the time to learn about what you should not put in your resume?  These simple do-nots can make the difference between getting the interview or getting your resume thrown into the trash.

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Don't Let a Typo Stop You From Landing a Dream Job

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Get instant feedback on your resume with our Resume Reviewer.

Our very popular Resume Reviewer launched for members two weeks ago. The comments - "amazing", "nice little tool", "I wish I saw this before using my resume" and "didn't find that tool very useful, other than reconfirming what I already knew, that I need a new resume" -- were very much appreciated by us and will help us make Resume Reviewer even better. 

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Check Your Resume For Common Mistakes With This Fast Tool

Posted by Marc Cenedella

11:14 AM

With our new Resume Reviewer, we can tell you in about 35 seconds where you're getting it right and wrong with your resume...

Get your free resume review in less than a minute here.

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Five Tiny Resume Flaws You Can't Afford to Make

Posted by Guest Contributor

01:00 PM

These often overlooked mistakes will make you seem careless. [TWEET]

By Kaysie Garza


Even though the words “detail-oriented” have no business appearing on your resume, you should still be able to demonstrate it through quantifiable accomplishments and examples.

If you’re a seasoned resume tweaker, you know how to spin duties as otherworldly achievements. You even know how to elaborate on your transferable skills in a way that doesn’t resemble an antique auction (Fast learner! Team player! Sold!).

Yet, even with all your real-life expertise and resume knowhow, you may be saying more about your true work habits without using many words at all. How is this possible? It’s all in the details, of course. 

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