Stay competitive: 6 things every professional should do

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Learn how the truly successful professionals move forward and stay ahead in their careers.

By Skiddy Von Stade

Confident_Skippy_FaceLeft“Success is dependent on effort.” [tweet thisThis simple, yet refined quote by the Greek poet Sophocles is a career motto every professional should live by. Moving forward and staying ahead in your career truly comes down to the effort and time you put into it -- not just being in the right place at the right time.

If positioning yourself for success isn’t on the top of your to-do list, you’re likely to experience a few career-slowing repercussions. These could include fewer future job opportunities, limitations from moving up the corporate ladder, and even a narrower skill set.

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7 apps to increase career and job-search success

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:18 PM

Leverage these seven apps to advance your career. [TWEET]


In today’s digital society, there’s an app to help you manage practically every aspect of your life, from your finances to your weight. Your professional life is no different. Whether you want to work more efficiently with a virtual team or job hunt on-the-go, there’s an app for that. Below are some of my favorite mobile apps that will help you be a more successful job seeker and productive, career-driven professional.

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5 reasons your career has stalled

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Reassess your career path to jumpstart its advancement. [TWEET]


A career can be quite a roller coaster ride. At times you’re flying forward with tons of momentum, and then there are periods of time when you seem stuck on a plateau with nowhere to go.

If your career path has seen very little movement up the corporate ladder in recent years, it’s time to reassess your situation.

Here are five reasons why your career has hit a stalemate – and what you can do to get things moving in the right direction again.

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3 ways to nurture your professional network

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Advance your career by tapping your resource pool. 

Use TheLadders Top Recruiter List to Nurture Your Network

It’s true, “April showers bring May flowers.” However, any good gardener knows it takes more than rain water to grow a successful garden, and the same can be said about your professional network. If you want to build strong relationships, you need to patiently nurture those individual connections to yield career success.

Recently, my CEO, Alex Douzet, announced TheLadders’ quarterly list of top recruiting professionals in the United States. Today, I want to show you three unusual ways you can use this list to nurture your network – and move your career in the right direction.

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The One Skill You Need to Reach the C-Suite

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There are only a limited number of corner offices; how can you demonstrate you’re the person to occupy one?

By Kevin Fogarty


In corporate America, what does it take to move from the senior ranks to the top of the org chart?

There are many bright, ambitious people in the workforce, but simple mathematics dictates that only a few will ever reach the C-suite. What's the key skill you need to master if your career goals are focused at that level?

The secret, experts told TheLadders, is to extend the skills you've honed as a functional specialist into a position of general leadership across disciplines.

Even for the best senior specialist, landing a job as a general manager with full profit-and-loss responsibility for a discrete business, or even a top functional job in the C-suite, is a hard sell; it requires that you demonstrate skills that may have been only peripheral to your success up to that point, according to Michael Watkins, a former Harvard Business School professor and expert on corporate leadership who runs Genesis Advisers LLC, a consultancy that advises companies and executives on how to develop and switch to new top executives.

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Five Steps to Volunteer Your Way to a Job

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If you’re not sure where to start, follow this guide to landing a volunteer position as a part of your job-search strategy.

By Debra Donston-Miller


Industry experts and job hunters who have successfully parlayed volunteerism into paying jobs provided the following advice.

"Use your network to find open volunteer positions. That will get you into an organization faster."

- Jane, a job hunter who turned a volunteer job with the MSPCA into a paying job with a Web site focused on animal welfare

"Determine whether the volunteer opportunity matches your “availability horizon," both so you can achieve success and so you don't leave the non profit in the lurch."

- Robert J. Rosenthal, Volunteer Match director of communications

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