Safeguarding your personal brand for the job search

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:01 PM

Learn how to protect the privacy of your personal, social accounts. [TWEET]


Just when you thought your online brand was safe!

Facebook recently announced it removed a privacy feature allowing users to control whether their name populated in search results. While Facebook says the change will only affect a small percentage of its 1 billion global users, it could mean new risks for the personal brands of millions. In the wake of this change, reflect on the state of your social accounts and safeguard your professional brand.

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Strengthen your search with social media

Posted by Amanda Augustine

09:27 PM

Take a page from your kids' playbook and leverage social media for your job search. [TWEET]


Father's Day is just around the corner. It’s a time to honor the father figures in your life and thank them for their support and guidance over the years. It’s also a popular time to share fatherly advice and life lessons.

There’s much you can learn from your parents; however, don’t overlook the lessons your children can provide, especially when it comes to the job search. In today’s digital society, if you’re not incorporating social media into your job-search strategy, you could unknowingly hurt your chances of landing that dream job.

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Social media dos & don’ts for the recent grad

Posted by Amanda Augustine

07:15 AM

Don't let your social media habits derail your job search.

TheLadders Social Media Advice for Recent Grads

In last week’s article I offered tips to improve your resume. This week the focus is on cleaning up your online presence and building the right professional brand.  When I coach seasoned professionals, I often have to encourage them to explore the world of social media and build a professional online presence. However, if you’re a recent college graduate, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ve had a social media presence since you entered high school, if not earlier.

This works in your favor because you’re already familiar with social media and should feel comfortable incorporating it into your job-search strategy. However, this comfort also comes at a price. Chances are you’ve built up a long, online history that’s publicly visible and not necessarily appropriate for the professional world.

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What’s in a name?

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:00 AM

Keep your professional name consistent across all business channels.


With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, TheLadders conducted a study that will give soon-to-be moms and dads something to think about when naming their children.The study showed that on average, the shorter your first name, the more you will earn. In fact, every letter added to your first name accounted for a $3,600 drop in annual salary. There’s no rule of thumb about using your nickname versus your proper name, but if the results of this study are any indication, ‘Roberts’ may want to consider going by ‘Bob’ or ‘Rob’ professionally.

However you choose to represent your name, make it consistent across every business channel, including your professional online profiles, resume, business cards, and email signature. Here are three tips to polish your professional brand across every channel.

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Video chat recap: Spring clean your job search

Posted by Amanda Augustine

03:10 PM

A follow-up on some of the most popular questions asked during our spreecast on cleaning up your job search.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the spreecast on spring cleaning your job search. Click on the following link to view this spreecast and check out the hashtag #AmandaLIVE on Twitter for additional tips.

Before I dig into some of the topics we discussed, I’d like to share a few stats on a job seeker’s online presence.  According to a Jobvite social recruiting survey: 

  • 86% of recruiters admit to reviewing candidates’ social network profiles, whether or not the candidate provided that information
  • 70% turned down a candidate based on something they saw on their social media profiles
  • 85% said a positive social media presence has influenced the hiring decision

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3 ways to spring clean your job search

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:00 AM

Give your job search a good scrubbing this spring. 


Can you believe that spring is here? Many of us use this season as an excuse to clean out our closets and give our homes a good scrubbing from top to bottom. It’s also the perfect time to take a look at our job-search tactics and give them a thorough cleaning.

If you’ve been reading my column for a while, you should be familiar with a concept of “harnessing the power of three.” As a job seeker, there are three main ways to pursue job leads – both hidden and published. I recommend applying and following up to online listings; utilizing your network of personal and professional contacts; and engaging with recruiters.

By sprucing up your job-search strategy, you can increase the number of relevant job leads in your pipeline. Use the following tips to get your job search in tip-top shape and help you harness even more job leads this season.

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Pitch like a pro: Tips to perfect your elevator pitch

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:00 AM

Take a cue from the pitching professionals to launch your elevator pitch to the next level.

In the midst of Major League Baseball’s spring training, new players try out for roster and position spots, while existing players get in some practice time before the true competition begins.


While I admittedly don’t know a lot about baseball, I am blessed with a family full of men who take this American tradition rather seriously and keep me in the loop. When I think about spring training and baseball season, I immediately recognize its similarities with the job search. There’s a lot of competition, and many talented professionals vying for the same role. It takes a lot of determination, planning and hard work to be a success.

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Sweat the details of your job search

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:00 AM

When your job application is competing with many others, it’s the little things that count.

Grammar Day

Did you know that March 4th is National Grammar Day? The holiday was established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG) and author of Things That Make Us [Sic], to remind people to ‘speak well, write well, and help others do the same.”

In today’s saturated job market, it’s in your best interest to treat every day like grammar day. When your application is competing with hundreds of others, the smallest error can be used to eliminate you from the pile.

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Self-presentation and your career

Posted by TheLadders

09:24 AM

Believe it or not, the way you present yourself could be costing you a great career. Many job seekers--and even those already employed--are ruining their chances at acquiring a new position by way of their self-presentation both on and offline.

Hyper self-awareness isn’t an easily adapted trait, but it’s highly necessary when it comes to seeking new employment, maintaining your current position, and the future of your career. The current state of the job market has created a highly competitive environment for job seekers and those individuals hoping for career advancement.

Self-Presentation and Career Success

Now, more than ever, self-presentation and overall brand image are being elevated to a new height--allowing them to either make or break your future career. Job seekers and workers alike owe themselves deeper evaluation and assessment in terms of how others view them.

Influencing the perception of your image is essentially managing how others come to understand and view you. This is a crucial factor during the job search. For many individuals who aren’t actively seeking a new position, self-presentation is still key piece of the career success puzzle. Carefully assessing and managing how others come to know and view you could mean the difference between a promotion or a layoff.  

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Lying in your job search: Where's the line?

Posted by Amanda Augustine

02:00 AM

Take a page from our founding fathers with an honest approach to your job search. [TWEET]

Many know the story of George Washington cutting down the cherry tree (“I cannot tell a lie…”) and admire “Honest Abe” Lincoln for his integrity  as a lawyer, leader of the Union, and great emancipator of slavery, but how do these virtues fit into today’s workplace? 


With a tight economy and many people out of work, it’s tempting to tell a few white lies to get ahead. In fact, a research study found that 53 percent of people lie on their resumes or job applications.

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