How Body Language Can Help You Ace An Interview

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:23 PM

Don’t rely on words alone—let body language help you get that job.  [TWEET]


Our body language is something we, typically, don’t actively think about.  However, it is something that our minds automatically pick up on, whether we realize it or not.  Body language is a good way to tell if someone is scared, nervous, excited, happy, etc.  These are all things that can affect you during an important interview.  Your body language can easily tell the hiring manager that you’re not comfortable, leading them to possibly believe you wouldn’t be comfortable with the job or the company.  You want to take control of your body language, and make conscious efforts to make yourself appear calm, cool, and collected.

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Making That Great First Impression

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:01 PM

The first step to nailing an interview is making a great first impression.  [TWEET]


When you go to an interview, your first impression will have a lasting impact on whether you get the job or not.  In many cases, your candidacy is decided long before the interview ends.  That is why first impressions are incredibly important.  You want to come off as confident, knowledgeable, polite, and eager.  But you don’t want to seem cocky, over-eager or nervous.  It can be hard to make sure that your first impression is not only a lasting one, but a good one.  This is why it’s always a good idea to study and prepare before the interview.

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How To Spot A Bad Boss During An Interview

Posted by Michelle Hawley

05:04 PM

Learn how to spot a poor boss during an interview to weed out bad job offers. [TWEET]


An interview is typically seen as a stepping stone in the process of getting a job.  This is where you will be asked questions about your experience, tested on your knowledge, and allowed to show off your charisma.  While this is a time for you to prove yourself as a worthy candidate, this interview is not just for you, it’s also for your boss.  The interview is your time to figure out if this company is going to be a good fit for you.  Having a bad boss can make work stressful, often leading to you searching for another job sooner, rather than later.  If you take the time to ask questions about the company, the work environment, etc., you can easily weed out the good from the bad.  So how do you go about doing this?

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Are You Over-Preparing For Your Interview?

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:22 PM

When these sound interview tips are taken too far, your chances of getting the job suffer. [TWEET]


The job interview is your time to be the very best version of yourself.  This means lots of preparation, studying interview questions and answers, reading up on the company, and getting as much advice as possible.  While there is plenty of good advice out there that can help you along during the process, there is bad advice, too.  As you gain more experience, you can learn how to weed out the good from the bad. 

These pieces of advice seem well-meaning and advantageous, but can easily be taken too far.

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10 Interview Questions You Should Expect, and How To Answer

Posted by Michelle Hawley

11:27 AM

Be prepared by practicing your answers to these common interview questions.  [TWEET]


One of the most valuable things you can do pre-interview is to go over all of the questions that could be asked and how to answer them.  In fact, it is beneficial to say these answers out loud.  This will help during the actual interview, making you sound more confident and knowledgeable.  It also helps to eliminate any stuttering or filler words.

You’ve gotten the interview.  Now which questions should you be taking a long, hard look at?

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Biggest Interview Mistakes Recent College Grads Make

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:52 PM

Recent grads, get ahead of the curve by avoiding these interview mistakes. [TWEET]


You have the education and that very important piece of paper.  Now are you ready to put that knowledge into action and find a job in your field?  If you are new to the professional world of job seeking it can be a daunting task to create the resume, ace the interview, and get the job.  Whether you’ve had your fair share of experience interviewing while in college or you are entirely new to the process, it can be easy to slip up and make a mistake.  These are mistakes that you should avoid at all costs during an interview.

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Common Mistakes Made at Job Interviews

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03:34 PM

Get through your interview without the fear of making an avoidable mistake. [TWEET]


Preparing for that upcoming interview can be difficult.  You should be doing research about both the company you are interviewing for and the position you want.  You want to be knowledgeable, if possible, about the person that will be conducting your interview.  You’ve probably gone over common interview questions and how you will answer them when the time comes. However, there is no way to be fully prepared.  It’s okay to make mistakes at a job interview—it happens to everyone.  But learning about the most common mistakes that are made, can help you avoid these blunders during your own interview.

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How to Stand Out During a Job Interview

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:05 PM

Helpful tips on how to stand out from other candidates during a job interview. [TWEET]


You’ve gotten the interview—that’s half the battle.  Now, it’s time to ace the interview and get an offer.  That might be a little more difficult.  With the job market today, there could be dozens of others that are vying for the same job as you.  Because of this acing the interview is crucial, but not enough.  You need to find new ways to stand out from the rest of the interviewees, and do something that makes the interviewer remember you from the sea of faces.

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Words You Should Never Say During an Interview

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01:42 PM

A guide for what not to say during a job interview.  [TWEET]


Preparing for a job interview can be stressful.  When you’re setting yourself up to be the best candidate you can be, you typically look for advice on what to do and say during an interview.  However, you may not be taking note of the things you should avoid saying. There are certain words and phrases that can trigger a negative reaction from the interviewer—these are the types of sentences you want to avoid completely.  The compilation below will help you get a better feel for what you should and shouldn’t talk about.

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How to Sell Yourself at Your Next Job Interview

Posted by Guest Contributor

03:53 PM

When self-promotion doesn't come as naturally to you as product promotion does, here are 5 tips to help you master the most important marketing presentation. [TWEET]

Many gifted salespeople who can effortlessly sell any object or idea struggle to promote themselves. A lack of self-promotion skills can be a matter of humility, or an inability to objectively see the skills and value you bring to the table. By identifying your strengths and knowing your value, you can promote yourself confidently and professionally without coming across as arrogant.

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