Become the Most Productive Person at Work

Posted by Herrine Ro

04:54 PM

Increase work productivity and get noticed for executing tasks efficiently. [TWEET]


Everyone assumes that being more productive means working more in less time. In essence, this is true. Those who efficiently manage their projects definitely tend to accomplish more than other people do in years.

However, productivity is more of a way of being rather than office hacks. Get into rhythm with these career tips and advice. 

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How to Research a Company You Want to Work For

Posted by Guest Contributor

01:30 PM

Find out what key facts you need to know before going in for an interview. [TWEET]

By Tess Pajaron


Before heading out for an interview at a company you’ve had your eye on, you should take time researching your potential employer. Otherwise, how can you be sure the company of your dreams won't actually turn out to be a nightmare to work for? 

As a bonus, any research you do now into your prospective employer will pay dividends during the interview. You can always point to some piece of knowledge you uncovered, being careful to tie it into your skills and why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

It is common to ask applicants why they want to work for the company during interviews. Going in armed with a few particulars will set your feet firmly on the path toward securing the position you desire.

Here are a few things you'll want to find out and how you can go about gathering the information: 

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15 Inspirational Quotes Every Professional Should Read

Posted by Herrine Ro

03:09 PM

Push yourself to the next step in your career with these motivational quotes. [TWEET]

By Herrine Ro


For some reason we tend to find inspirational quotes irresistible. With life being filled with constant obstacles and difficulties, a few words of wisdom can truly resonate with us during times of uncertainty.  

Whether you’re looking to start up a new business, change your career path, or just need a productivity boost, here are a few quotes to help you along the journey:

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How to Answer the 5 Most Common Interview Questions

Posted by Guest Contributor

01:54 PM

These tips will help you plan the right responses to the most frequently asked interview questions. [TWEET]

By Ashley Sanford


Almost all interview questions asked by companies are structured in the same way.  Yet, many job applicants fail to take advantage of this well-known fact and prepare beforehand.

We understand that no amount of preparation will mimic the very real moment where a panel of suited-up strangers is eyeballing you dubiously. Nevertheless, if you know enough about the organization you have applied to and fully prepared yourself, the interview shouldn’t be a challenging part of the process.

Here are some of the most common questions asked in interviews and the best ways to answer them.

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Employers hiring for August 2015

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


We have tens of thousands of employers looking for new employees on TheLadders, and we could use your help.

If you, or your friends or colleagues, could fit the bill for one of the below-listed jobs, please let us know by clicking through and applying.

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4 Ways Corporate Refugees Can Become Their Own Bosses

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Interested in a progressive career change? Create success on your own terms with these methods . [TWEET]

By Anna Wilds 


The U.S. Labor Department revealed that the unemployment rate fell in every state in 2015 for the first time in 30 years. The improving economy is making life for the job seeker a bit easier, but returning to the daily grind of a corporate 9 to 5 isn’t necessarily the right career move for every professional.

For many highly-qualified individuals who have been downsized from their previous place of employment, the recovering economy may be the perfect opportunity to begin again as a small business owner.

If you are a corporate refugee and want to explore the option of being your own boss, here are four viable ways to start your career as a small business owner.

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What Gets Your Resume to the Hiring Manager?

Posted by Guest Contributor

01:48 PM

Beat the ATS by tweaking your resume with these simple tips. [TWEET]

By Ryan Winner


Many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort through resumes and streamline their hiring process. These systems scan resumes for keywords that are inputted into for specific hiring positions. Then, resumes are scored on a scale of 0 to 100 for relevance. Only the resumes with the highest scores are passed on to recruiters. 

The main takeaway from this information is that the right choice of keywords will ultimately be the deciding factor on whether you advance in the job searching process.

Here are a few tips on how you can tweak your resume so that it reaches the hiring manager. 

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How to Create Inside Connections with Companies You Want to Work For

Posted by Guest Contributor

02:38 PM

Get your foot in the door by making a personal introduction with potential employees. [TWEET]

By Live in the Grey 


A personal introduction inside an organization is a huge advantage to someone who wants to change careers or begin a new one. In fact, referrals are the number-one source companies use to find outside hires, and over 70 percent of people find jobs through leads from others, according to LinkedIn.

Access to the right people and companies is vital for a successful career change, especially as the marketplace becomes more challenging. A few moments spent connecting people in your network is a powerful act of kindness.

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Every Time You Look in the Mirror, This Surprising Thing Happens

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


Let's face it, the professional job search is a heck of a lot longer, more tedious, and more frustrating than any of us can bear. 

Between ducking out for lunch-time interviews and cranking through networking calls, your job search is hectic enough to get you frazzled, hassled, and more than just a bit "down in the dumps."

Banging out another four phone calls after an exhausting day in the office -- while it could be just the jackpot you've been waiting for -- is still awfully tough to get excited about.

And the negative thoughts or bad mood that a rough day can generate have a way of creeping into your voice. You might not even realize it, but you may come across sounding tired or crabby or exhausted, and that undercuts the whole purpose of making the calls to begin with. 

So here's my bit of job hunting success advice to make your calls sound great: 

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Powerful Phrases That Will Transform Your Resume

Posted by Guest Contributor

04:21 PM

Optimize your resume with words that will showcase your true value to recruiters. [TWEET]

By Jung Viera


Here’s the harsh truth: the average recruiter spends less than six seconds scanning a resume before making an initial decision on a candidate.

If you want to capture employers’ attention, you’ll need a well-written and well-organized document that clearly illustrates your qualifications. Not only is it imperative you have the desired experience and skillset, but you also need precise terminology to properly showcase your experience and skills.

Need help deciding which words or phrases should and should not be included on your resume? Check out this guide below:

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