The 8-Minute Resume

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

You're eight minutes away from a better resume.


Last week I mentioned our powerful, free Resume Reviewer, which does a terrific job at helping you understand what's wrong and what's right with your resume. 

We'll be announcing tools to help you write your whole resume soon, but in the meantime, I'd like to share with you this simple 8-minute guide. It'll take you 8 minutes to read, probably an hour or two to do, and provide months of benefit in reducing your resume anxiety. 

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Are You Over-Preparing For Your Interview?

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:22 PM

When these sound interview tips are taken too far, your chances of getting the job suffer. [TWEET]


The job interview is your time to be the very best version of yourself.  This means lots of preparation, studying interview questions and answers, reading up on the company, and getting as much advice as possible.  While there is plenty of good advice out there that can help you along during the process, there is bad advice, too.  As you gain more experience, you can learn how to weed out the good from the bad. 

These pieces of advice seem well-meaning and advantageous, but can easily be taken too far.

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8 Tips For Job Hunters Over 50

Posted by Michelle Hawley

01:45 PM

Use these tips to get the best results out of your job hunting experience. [TWEET]


Do you think your age is hindering your job search?  When it comes to finding a job after the age of 50, the task can be daunting.  There are many new ways to search for job openings, different guidelines for creating a resume, and the prospect of being interviewed by someone half your age.  Not to mention that hiring managers might make generalizations based on your age.  Typically, hiring managers see older candidates as overqualified, meaning they will cost the company more money.  They might also believe you are inflexible to changes or more technologically challenged than younger candidates. 

Kick your job search back into gear by following these tips to get yourself back in the door.

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10 Interview Questions You Should Expect, and How To Answer

Posted by Michelle Hawley

11:27 AM

Be prepared by practicing your answers to these common interview questions.  [TWEET]


One of the most valuable things you can do pre-interview is to go over all of the questions that could be asked and how to answer them.  In fact, it is beneficial to say these answers out loud.  This will help during the actual interview, making you sound more confident and knowledgeable.  It also helps to eliminate any stuttering or filler words.

You’ve gotten the interview.  Now which questions should you be taking a long, hard look at?

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Biggest Interview Mistakes Recent College Grads Make

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:52 PM

Recent grads, get ahead of the curve by avoiding these interview mistakes. [TWEET]


You have the education and that very important piece of paper.  Now are you ready to put that knowledge into action and find a job in your field?  If you are new to the professional world of job seeking it can be a daunting task to create the resume, ace the interview, and get the job.  Whether you’ve had your fair share of experience interviewing while in college or you are entirely new to the process, it can be easy to slip up and make a mistake.  These are mistakes that you should avoid at all costs during an interview.

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Get Our Free Resume Review in 35 Seconds or Less

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


Our very popular Resume Reviewer launched three months ago. Tens of thousands have used it. On average, 87% say it's useful. 

And 86% said they'd recommend it to their friends. 

If you'd like to get your resume reviewed in 35 seconds or less, for free, visit our Resume Reviewer here.

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Ways to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Posted by Michelle Hawley

04:31 PM

Utilize your social media accounts to help you in your job search. [TWEET]


It’s always a good idea to utilize a variety of resources when it comes to searching for a job—you can never have too many options.  Typically, you should be searching on job boards, checking in with your network for new opportunities, and searching out job listings on company websites.  But did you know that you can also use social media to find a job?  Social media websites are something that we typically use weekly for pleasure or connecting with friends and family.  Now you can utilize these websites to aid in the job search as well.

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6 Apps to Use During Your Job Search

Posted by Michelle Hawley

04:50 PM

Get back up to speed on your job search by trying out these useful apps. [TWEET]


There are a variety of different ways to search for jobs in this day and age.  There is always the age old option of looking through the classifieds of your local newspaper.  Many people choose to wade through all of the posts made on Craigslist.  There are typically job listings on each specific company website, as well.  But with new technology comes new ways to search for jobs.  There are many apps that are now available to help you along in your job search.  Here are just a few that you should consider looking into.

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Strategies to Kickstart Your Job Search in 2016

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:20 PM

The new year is the perfect time to jump-start your job search. [TWEET]


A new year means it’s time to try out some new strategies for kickstarting your job search.  Whether you already have a job but are unhappy in your position, you’ve been unemployed and are searching for a way to pay the bills, or you are fresh out of school and are ready to begin your professional career, these tips can help you to get your foot in the door and start out the new year with interviews and job offers.

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These Companies Are Hiring, Can You Help?

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


We're starting 2016 with more employers than ever before using the system here at Ladders, and that's great news for you. 

In just the past three years, we've tripled the number of HR people, recruiters, and hiring managers using Ladders each month to find their next great hire. 

And that means we've got lots of employers with a need to fill their 2016 jobs today. 

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