How Body Language Can Help You Ace An Interview

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:23 PM

Don’t rely on words alone—let body language help you get that job.  [TWEET]


Our body language is something we, typically, don’t actively think about.  However, it is something that our minds automatically pick up on, whether we realize it or not.  Body language is a good way to tell if someone is scared, nervous, excited, happy, etc.  These are all things that can affect you during an important interview.  Your body language can easily tell the hiring manager that you’re not comfortable, leading them to possibly believe you wouldn’t be comfortable with the job or the company.  You want to take control of your body language, and make conscious efforts to make yourself appear calm, cool, and collected.

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A Free, Modern, Beautiful Way to Write Your Resume Well

Posted by Marc Cenedella

10:38 AM


We launched the world's best resume writer this morning. Based on our decade-plus of experience helping America's top professionals, we've put all of our best thinking into Resume Builder, available here at 

Since Ladders launched in 2003, we've assessed millions of resumes, filmed HR people scanning your resumes, and even hand-written tens of thousands of resumes for members like you. 

We made Resume Builder in order to capture all of that knowledge in a wonderfully easy and effective product: 

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Making That Great First Impression

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:01 PM

The first step to nailing an interview is making a great first impression.  [TWEET]


When you go to an interview, your first impression will have a lasting impact on whether you get the job or not.  In many cases, your candidacy is decided long before the interview ends.  That is why first impressions are incredibly important.  You want to come off as confident, knowledgeable, polite, and eager.  But you don’t want to seem cocky, over-eager or nervous.  It can be hard to make sure that your first impression is not only a lasting one, but a good one.  This is why it’s always a good idea to study and prepare before the interview.

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Tips For Redoing Your Resume When Switching Career Paths

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:59 PM

Fine tune your resume for the job you want, not the job you have.  [TWEET]


Making a complete career change is very difficult—perhaps, that’s the reason many choose to stick to what they know, instead of finding a career that is more fulfilling or financially stable.  While it has its challenges, it is not impossible to switch careers.  There are several reasons you might be considering changing careers after already establishing yourself in one industry.  Perhaps your dream career was always in another field, and you finally decided to pursue it.  Or your current industry is waning, and you want to find an income that is more reliable and stable.  Maybe you simply decided that you don’t like your job and want to see what other options are out there.  Whatever you chose to do, you will most likely need to revamp your resume.  This can be hard when all of your previous experience is focused on another, different field.  But once again, it is not impossible. 

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Networking

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:58 PM

Get the most out of your networking experience by avoiding these common mistakes. [TWEET]


Networking is a very crucial step in the job search process.  This is where you make real-life connections that could mean the difference between a job opportunity or nothing.  People want to hire people.  When you know someone who could provide you with the right connection to getting a job, you have the advantage over other job seekers vying for the same position.  Because networking is so important, you want to get the most out of all of the events, seminars, classes, etc. that you attend.  Don’t mess up great opportunities by making any of these common mistakes.

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How To Build Your Personal Brand

Posted by Michelle Hawley

02:18 PM

Creating a great personal brand could be exactly what you need to get your foot in the door.  [TWEET]


What is a personal brand?  Creating your own personal brand is a way to market yourself and your career.  Think of how a company comes up with a logo, name, and slogan for their product.  These are all part of their brand, techniques created to make you remember who they are.  You want to do that for yourself to help further your career along.  

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8 Reasons You Are Getting Rejected

Posted by Michelle Hawley

05:54 PM

Learn why you could have lost out on that open job position.  [TWEET]


The job search process can be frustrating.  You have your resume, online profiles, and cover letter ready to go.  You’re applying to positions and maybe you have even gotten an interview or two, but then comes the waiting game.  You can wait an unspecified amount of time until you decide you didn't get the position.  Or you wait for the dreaded phone call or generic email stating that you weren’t the type of candidate they were looking for.  So where did you go wrong?  The truth is, you might not have done anything wrong.  Sometimes getting hired is about being in the right place at the right time. But if you did make a mistake somewhere along the line, then you want to fix it.  Take a look at these reasons for being rejected, and see if you fit the bill.

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100,000 employers looking to hire... you?

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


We've crossed 100,000s HR people and recruiters hiring on Ladders, and it's a reason to celebrate. 

Why? Because having tens of thousands of HR professionals using Ladders means it's ever more likely that you'll connect with the right opportunities for your future. 

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5 Excuses You're Using To Put Off Your Job Search

Posted by Michelle Hawley

05:41 PM

Stop making excuses, and start being proactive with your job search.  [TWEET]


Your job search is starting to lag.  Why?  You could have a million excuses, each as good as the last, but the truth is, you have to overcome challenges to find the job that is right for you.  If you’ve been using one of the excuses below, you may want to cross it off your list.

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How To Spot A Bad Boss During An Interview

Posted by Michelle Hawley

05:04 PM

Learn how to spot a poor boss during an interview to weed out bad job offers. [TWEET]


An interview is typically seen as a stepping stone in the process of getting a job.  This is where you will be asked questions about your experience, tested on your knowledge, and allowed to show off your charisma.  While this is a time for you to prove yourself as a worthy candidate, this interview is not just for you, it’s also for your boss.  The interview is your time to figure out if this company is going to be a good fit for you.  Having a bad boss can make work stressful, often leading to you searching for another job sooner, rather than later.  If you take the time to ask questions about the company, the work environment, etc., you can easily weed out the good from the bad.  So how do you go about doing this?

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