A Favor to Ask

Posted by Marc Cenedella

04:58 PM

A small request to help make our jobs more meaningful, and to make us even more motivated.

Very sorry to bother you to request a favor, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sending us a photo of yourself. 

You see, we have a hundred very dedicated employees here at Ladders, Inc. who work tirelessly, around the clock, to make this system work and help you find your next great role in life more quickly. It's people like those in the photo below.

And the thing about working at an internet company is, we don't get to see our customers every day. And we'd like to! It means an awful lot to our people to see your faces and read your stories - it makes our job that much more meaningful and our sense of urgency, well... that much more urgent.

Dedicated to your success!

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Photos of Us

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:22 PM

A "behind the scenes" look at the people who make up the Ladders team.

Each year I take you "behind the scenes" to show you the people and faces behind Ladders...


Tatyana's in our Software Engineering group...

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I Hadn't Realized I Was Doing It Wrong Until They Told Me

Posted by Marc Cenedella

10:54 PM

When you're networking, ask for a reference, not a job.  


Here's an easy way to turn dreaded employment networking into deadly effective bonding: 

When you're networking, ask for a reference, not a job.

Whether you're doing catch-up drinks or grabbing lunch to reconnect, your primary need is to get an ally, not a tally of job listings. Recruiting a helping hand to your search is your goal.

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Seeking VP, Anything

Posted by Marc Cenedella

09:04 PM

If you don't already have a solid elevator pitch, you're doing yourself a disservice. [TWEET]


"Oh, I'm looking for anything," you might tell well-meaning friends who ask. 

It's a problem.

Because in today's economy, no employer is looking for a "VP, Anything", or a "Director of Whatever Needs to Be Done." They're looking for an experienced professional who can solve specific problems.

When you're thinking about moving jobs, you need to have a brief, pithy assertion of who you are and what you're qualified to do. It's important that you be able to explain to an old colleague, or a new connection, in 30 seconds or less, what it is that you're looking for.

That's called an "elevator pitch" — a concise statement of your abilities and goals that can be shared in the time it takes an elevator to go to the top floor.

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How Much Is Your Resume Worth?

Posted by Geoffrey Bourne

11:33 AM

A well organized, easy to read, and error free resume is your gateway into getting the interview. [TWEET]


Have you ever considered how much your resume is worth?  Put an actual dollar value on it?  I sometimes ask people seeking resume help how much they think their two-page resume is worth (hopefully their resume is only two pages and not the 10+ I’ve seen).  I get answers from five cents to “a lot,” but the right answer is: it depends on how much I make.  If I earn $100,000 every year for the next ten years, these two pages are worth $1,000,000 dollars to me.  Think about that for a second.  The resume I thought of as a burden to create and update, which I worked on while watching The Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones, is possibly worth $1mm or more to me.  What other documents have you recently created worth $1mm+ to you?

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Is Pursuing Your Dream Career Worth It?

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:28 PM

How to decide whether you should quit your day job to follow your dreams. [TWEET]


The short answer is that only you can make such a decision.  You must look at your current career, your financial status, and much more, to decide if this is something you can and should do.  There will be many reasons why you should quit your current job immediately to follow your dream path—such as gaining satisfaction, becoming happier, reducing stress.  But there will also be many reasons for why you shouldn’t pursue your dream job—not enough pay, no available insurance, will have to relocate.  For either decision that you make, sacrifices will have to be made.  You have to decide if those sacrifices will be worth it, in the long run, compared to what you will gain. 

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It’s Not About Me, It’s About You… The 21 Questions You Need To Ask In A Job Interview

Posted by Marc Cenedella

10:59 AM

Use these 21 questions to thoroughly impress your next interviewer. [TWEET]


It's time for my twice-a-year update of the best questions for you to ask in an interview. 

I've put this list together because so often we can forget what an interview's all about. It sure feels like it's about you, but it's really not. 

An interview is actually about how you can help your future boss and future employer succeed. It's about finding out what their requirements and hopes are and matching up your background and experience with what they need. 

Overlooking these basic facts about the interview is easy. There's so much else going on in your work, your life, and in your job search, that you can forget to look at the interview from the interviewer's point of view. And that's a shame, because you need the interviewer to walk away from the interview thoroughly impressed. 

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What To Do When Your Career Isn't Panning Out

Posted by Michelle Hawley

05:39 PM

Create a plan of action for when your current career just isn’t cutting it. [TWEET]


You’ve chosen your career path.  You’ve been networking, attending interviews, and may have even landed a position.  You can have a career in your industry and still believe that it isn’t working for you.  There are a variety of reasons to decide that your career path isn’t working out.  The very first thing you need to decide is why it isn’t working.  From there you can decide on the best course of action, whether that be to stick to the path you are currently on or to try to switch to another career.

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My Single Best Tip

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

This bit of advice has helped more people in more interviews than any other bit of advice we've shared. [TWEET]


In the decade I've been writing this newsletter, the single best tip I've given, that has come back to me over, and over, and over again, is this: 

When it gets to that part of the interview with your future boss where they ask, "well, do you have any questions for me?", say yes, and ask: 

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8 Things On Your Resume That Annoy Hiring Managers

Posted by Michelle Hawley

03:48 PM

Avoid these resume techniques and phrases that annoy hiring managers.  [TWEET]


When it comes to writing your resume there is a plethora of advice that is readily available for you to use at any time.  When it comes down to the actual writing, however, you decide what does and does not go on your resume.  This is where the mistakes can come in.  While it can be hard to look inside the mind of a hiring manager to know exactly what he wants, there are still steps you can take to avoid causing irritation or anger with your resume. 

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