Introducing "Job Search by TheLadders" for Android

Posted by TheLadders

04:37 PM

Android lovers, rejoice! "Job Search by TheLadders" is now available! 

Our mission at TheLadders is to develop technology that matches the right person with the right job, regardless of the device or platform being used.  With one in three job searches being conducted on a mobile device, we are investing heavily in the mobile job search. Six months ago, we launched our native iPhone app for job seekers, which reduces friction and facilitates the industry’s quickest turnaround times in the job-search process.

Today, we’re not only proud to announce that our iPhone app has been downloaded more than 500K times, but that an equally awesome experience is now available to Android users. We worked incredibly hard to create an app that is Android-specific and will feel at home on your device. See for yourself – it’s available in Google Play now.

If you are unfamiliar with our iOS app, it’s different from a lot of our competitors in the space. Instead of shoehorning our existing website experience onto a mobile screen, we shed a lot of the “job search” paradigms and started from scratch.

Leave the matching to us

Rather than providing the general keyword-search function that most competitor apps adhere to, our app delivers jobs in a streamlined, tailored experience. If you are new to TheLadders, we ask three simple questions about what you want in your next job, and you are ready to receive jobs. If you are an existing user, we already have all the information we need. We want to give our users a better, faster and easier way to identify jobs that interest them while they’re on the go.

android_scoutScout the competition

Finding your next job takes more than just discovering an open opportunity; it takes research. However, mobile users consume the majority of content while on the go, so information needs to be simple and digestible. With this realization, we created TheLadders Scout, an applicant-analysis tool that helps users decide whether a job listing is worth pursuing. Scout shows how your background compares to other job applicants’ experience, current titles and salaries, and education levels, allowing you to identify areas where you might have a leg up on the competition. Additionally, with Scout’s job-discovery feature, users are presented with jobs that similar candidates have applied to, opening up career opportunities that would have otherwise been missed.

Go ahead, "Like" it

When you “like” a job, which is done by tapping the “thumbs up” icon associated with that job listing, you will receive a link in your email reminding you to apply online from a desktop or laptop computer. We also shoot a quick note to the recruiter associated with the job posting to let him/her know that you’re interested. The recruiter can either wait for your application to come in or reach out to you first!

What about applying?android_jobdetail

After discovering a great job and doing your research, the next step is to apply. We found that most users still feel uncomfortable applying to a job on their mobile phone. What’s more, most employers still expect tailored resumes and cover letters as part of an application, which isn’t easy to do from a mobile device. So no, you won’t find application functionality in our app. We instead focused on creating a seamless transition from finding and researching jobs on your phone, to applying to them on a desktop or laptop

The right person for the right job

At the end of the day, TheLadders’ goal has always been, and will always be, to find the right person for the right job. Download TheLadders app for iPhone or Android today and let us know how we did!