Quick Tips for 5 Common Job Interview Emergencies

Posted by Amanda Augustine

08:00 AM

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You’re lost -- and the interview is in 20 minutes!

The best option is to avoid this completely. Try a dry run by commuting to the office location at the same time of day your interview is scheduled so you are familiar with the route and can properly budget your travel time. If you still manage to get lost, pull out your smart device and use apps like Google Maps or HopStop to estimate how long it will take you to get to the office. If you’re sure to be late, give your main point of contact a heads-up as soon as possible. 

You spilled coffee on your shirt en route to the interview.

Always have a back-up plan. Keep some Shout® Wipes in your glove compartment or work bag. If you’re driving to the interview, it never hurts to put a spare shirt in the car. When all else fails, run a simple Google search on your smart phone to find the nearest clothing store.

You forget to bring copies of your resume. 

Never fear – there’s an app for that! Download the free Print Hammermill™ mobile app to print your resume and any other important documents directly from your phone or tablet from any nearby printer connected to WiFi. Also, make sure you store a copy of your resume on iCloud or Dropbox so you can access it easily on the go.

You realize you’re being interviewed for a different position than you prepared for.

When you’re applying to multiple positions, there’s a chance you may mix the job descriptions up. If you found the job on Ladders, review the job description while you’re in the waiting room. You can also store copies of your job applications and other job-search notes in the cloud with services like Evernote.

You forgot to mention something important to the interviewer. 

The thank-you note is a perfect opportunity to address any points you neglected to discuss during the interview. In your message, highlight any relevant achievements, experiences, or other important qualifications you didn’t get to mention in the meeting or clarify a response that was a little shaky. Remember, you’re not simply following up after an interview; you’re positively influencing your candidacy.

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