Hot Hiring Trends of 2013 [Infographic]

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12:00 PM

And what it means for your 2014 job search

It’s been a monumental year for TheLadders, with more employers and job seekers using the site than ever before. We have been publishing the emerging trends we’ve seen throughout the year as we mine our database of 6 million+ members. The information published supports job seekers and recruiters alike in our pursuit of finding the right candidate for right job.

Read on and take a look at our infographic to learn what these trends were in 2013 and how they can affect your job-search strategy. Stay tuned in 2014 for more data-driven stories that will impact hiring and the way top talent finds jobs.

Timing is everything.

TheLadders found that the job search may not be a numbers game, but rather a timing game. From the number of hours that lapse between an employer posting a job and when to apply (no more than 72), to the day of the week your application is most likely to be read (it’s Thursday), timing should be used to your advantage.

The job search is not created equally.

Simply put, certain industries and locations have more job openings than others. If you’re open for a change, you can improve your job-search luck. (Hint: transferring from a consumer goods job to one in the healthcare or tech industry may be advantageous.)

Technology is the future. 

The three most rapidly growing jobs in the U.S. are all in technology. Additionally, the jobs with the most openings are also dominated by technological positions, with “Software Engineer” being one of the most available positions in 4 of 6 categories examined.

Check out what happened in the job search during 2013, and share with your friends who may be embarking on a job search of their own in the upcoming year. Click on the following link to share TheLadders infographic


Click on the following link to share TheLadders infographic