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4 interview stigmas unveiled (and how to solve them)!

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

08:40 AM

Learn what you can do to avoid four interview blunders that could cost you the job. [TWEET]

Ever hugged an employer during a job interview? What about calling your wife and asking what you’re having for dinner? How about being asked to be paid under the table?

If you think these are fabricated examples of how some candidates act in job interviews, you’re wrong! According to a recent survey, many job seekers make interview blunders that could cost them the job. Though some are not as extreme as the above examples, there are others that can cause red flags.

Let’s explore some of the more common interview stigmas, and what candidates can do to solve them beforehand.

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10 interviewing tips that lead to high job offers

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

10:30 AM

The best interviewees use these mental tips to garner job offers. [TWEET]


Go into every interview with the end-goal of receiving a job offer.  Make it your decision as to whether you want to work for the company rather than letting the company determine whether you are a fit.  

While interviewing is not always easy, there are certain tricks which can be implemented to increase one's odds of getting the offer and making the hiring manager confident that you are the right applicant.  Here are 10 ways to do so: 

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The type of sales manager every employer wants to hire

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

03:15 PM

Any company who knows how to build a successful sales force knows that a great business development team is built from top to bottom.  Good companies know fundamental management theories and, through business knowledge, experience and formal education, also know what types of sales managers will excel and which are prone to downgrading the entire sales force.  

Regardless of industry, when recruiting sales managers, intelligent companies look for universal traits in the sales managers whom they hire.  Needless to say, this information can prove more than valuable for the job seeker currently interviewing for a business development leadership role.  With that being said, here are some of the traits, habits and beliefs that, in the eyes of many hiring companies encompass the perfect sales manager:

A trendier professional wardrobe

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

03:04 PM

The work dress code is enough of a landmine as it is, with its myriad variations and elusive interpretations, that it is no wonder that sometimes the last thing employees (or even executives) dare to do is tread the changing waters of trends. But there is something to be said for having a little fun with and, believe it or not, expressing a little personality through, one’s work clothes. While there is no scripted recipe to do so, below are some ideas that bring it as close to a science as possible.

(1) Accessorize. Accessorizing can be the least expensive and lowest-commitment way to channel a trend.


Women.  Wrap a snake print belt around a conservative pair of dark women’s pants. Hang a collar necklace, arguably one of the biggest trends of the season, above a neutral-colored blouse. Refrain from mixing one too many attention-grabbing pieces all at once, lest you end up channeling a Christmas tree. Easy does it.

Men.  Add a pocket square in a commanding hue or eye-catching print to a solid men’s suit. Wear a tie, a pair of cufflinks, a wristwatch or carry a briefcase that showcases your taste, but remember it must be tasteful (this is not an endorsement of humorous ties).

Working with recruiters: 4 tips on making the most of your partnership

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

12:02 PM

Just because you start working with a recruiter doesn’t mean you’re exempt from your regular job searching responsibilities.

That dogged and persistent approach needs to be maintained once you partner with someone connected to a company. Often, that effort needs to be increased with the recruiter in order to get that next great job.

Chad Oakley is president and chief operating officer of Charles Aris, Inc., one of the largest recruiting firms in the nation, and he says that when searching for a job, timing is everything.

“The biggest reason why job seekers get the cold shoulder from a recruiter is timing,” he said.

Even if you do everything right as a candidate and you’re working with an excellent recruiter, the company will still have a preconceived idea of the right person for the job – and it might be somebody with a slightly different background.

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Got fired? Now get hired!

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

12:01 PM

Learn how to address a layoff or getting fired in a job interview. [TWEET]

Your suit is pressed. Your resume is perfect. You’ve done your research on the company and your skills are ideal. But in the minutes leading up to your interview, all you can think is, “What will I say when they ask about my termination?” And they will ask. How you answer can either make or break your chances at landing that new position.

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What working moms are thinking this Mother's Day

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

04:43 PM

Working moms share what it's like to be a working mother in TheLadders' latest survey. 

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