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Gracefully decline a job offer

Posted by TheLadders

08:00 AM

Keep it professional and there's nothing to be squeamish about when you turn down one job offer for another. Use this advice to explain your regrets.

By Andrew Klappholz


It sounds too good to be true. One highly touted job seeker was hit with a perfect financial services storm: job offers from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Blackrock — all at the same time.

This was the situation facing one client of career coach Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, a partner at SixFigureStart and former head of staffing for Merrill Lynch Asset Management.

Is it an embarrassment of riches to be presented with such wonderful opportunities in the wake of a global financial crisis? Sure, but this job seeker also had a difficult task on her hands. She had to turn down two of these three giants and do so in a way that protected her relationships and reputation at each.

In an era where very few can afford to burn any bridges, she handled the matter gracefully and honestly.

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Introducing "Job Search by TheLadders" for Android

Posted by TheLadders

04:37 PM

Android lovers, rejoice! "Job Search by TheLadders" is now available! 

Our mission at TheLadders is to develop technology that matches the right person with the right job, regardless of the device or platform being used.  With one in three job searches being conducted on a mobile device, we are investing heavily in the mobile job search. Six months ago, we launched our native iPhone app for job seekers, which reduces friction and facilitates the industry’s quickest turnaround times in the job-search process.

Today, we’re not only proud to announce that our iPhone app has been downloaded more than 500K times, but that an equally awesome experience is now available to Android users. We worked incredibly hard to create an app that is Android-specific and will feel at home on your device. See for yourself – it’s available in Google Play now.

Hot Hiring Trends of 2013 [Infographic]

Posted by TheLadders

12:00 PM

And what it means for your 2014 job search

It’s been a monumental year for TheLadders, with more employers and job seekers using the site than ever before. We have been publishing the emerging trends we’ve seen throughout the year as we mine our database of 6 million+ members. The information published supports job seekers and recruiters alike in our pursuit of finding the right candidate for right job.

Read on and take a look at our infographic to learn what these trends were in 2013 and how they can affect your job-search strategy. Stay tuned in 2014 for more data-driven stories that will impact hiring and the way top talent finds jobs.

3 Ways to Capitalize on the March Jobs Report

Posted by TheLadders

04:24 PM

Although the past few months have been great for job creation, the March Jobs Report didn’t tell the same story. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. added 88,000 jobs in March (although the unemployment rate did drop to 7.6 percent). Compared to last month, U.S. employers added 236,000 jobs, which is up from 119,000 in January.

One of the big reasons the actual unemployment rate dropped, and the number alone doesn’t reflect this, is a result of the number of people who simply stopped looking--they are not counted as “unemployed.” As more people stop looking, that will undoubtedly lower the unemployment number--but there’s still more work to be done until we’re in the clear.

So, what can the latest job reports teach you if you are looking for something new? Here are few ways job seekers can capitalize on the these reports:

What to wear to an interview when the weather turns nasty

Posted by TheLadders

10:57 AM

Don't let the weather ruin your job interview - follow these fashion tips. [TWEET]

While many North Easterners were braving out the winter weather tucked away safely inside, some job seekers might not have been so lucky. Unfortunately, the job search doesn’t always come to a halt when bad weather strikes and trudging out into the elements becomes inevitable. Since looking your best is a crucial element to any successful interview, be sure to follow these simple fashion tips so the weather will not put a damper on your big day.


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All Aboard: The Importance of Career Advice and Personal Image

Posted by TheLadders

10:48 AM

Professional ImageI am so glad my schedule opened up so that I could accept the invitation to speak at Job Central, Presented by TheLadders, in the fabulous Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

Grand Central and the surrounding streets were filled with job seekers looking for advice, connections and of course, jobs. There were plenty of recruiters there as well, hoping to find the right candidates for their organizations.

I enjoyed listening to another presenter, and author, Dr. Woody who offered career advice for today's challenging economy and job market. He encouraged the audience to network more and  not be afraid of going up to someone you don't know and striking up a conversation that could very possibly lead to a job, referral or more business.

Getting Your Resume Into the Right Hands

Posted by TheLadders

04:35 PM

Combine new-age research with old-fashioned correspondence to increase your chances for success in the job search.

By Andrew Klappholz


The job search is an ever-changing landscape that seems to get more crowded and more complex by the day.

It often seems that when you submit your resume online, it just goes into what experts call the “recruiting black hole” and is never heard from again.

That could be because it’s been relegated to the bottom of a resume pile that is over 1,000 pages deep. More likely, it’s some kind of a digital version of that, one where resumes that are customized to trick a computer are assigned a higher priority while your resume sinks to the bottom of the list.

There are ways to even the odds in the digital job search by strategically using the right keywords and following a couple dozen other rules on how to send a resume by e-mail, but once you click “send” there’s got to be something you can do other than just pray that it gets to an actual human being.

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Seize the summer: Job-search tips from TheLadders

Posted by TheLadders

01:21 PM

Seize the summer job search with our Job Search Expert's tips. 

By Ryan Galloway

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The myth that hiring slows down in the summer is just that: a myth. It’s impossible to know where that old line comes from, but buying into it can be incredibly damaging to your job search. While hiring within certain industries and fields can vary seasonally, simply writing off three months of the year will put your job search way behind those of your savvier peers. In fact, summer may be the best time to look since so many otherwise-active jobseekers are the taking the season off.

This doesn’t mean that your summer has to be spent indoors, finessing resumes and scanning job boards. There are plenty of ways to balance an engaged job search with the summer lounging you deserve. Amanda Augustine, TheLadders’ resident job search expert, has discussed this very topic on CBS New York. Her top five tips for seizing the summertime job search are:

Summer work wardrobe: Keeping cool and professional

Posted by TheLadders

04:34 PM


Dressing for work in the summer can be tricky with temperamental weather both inside and outside of the office. Will the heat index rise above 90 degrees? Is the AC working? 

Here are a few ideas for what to wear and what not to wear when the temperature is rising but you still have to look cool and professional in the workplace.

Foot flare: Women should stick to modest heels in classic shapes such as pointy toe or wedges that are easy to walk in. Peep toe shoes are acceptable as long as your feet are clean and manicured. Wear a comfortable pair of flats on the way to the office, but remember to put your heels on before entering the building. Men should stay away from sandals, flip flops and loafers without socks.

How short is too short? Make sure that your skirt length is at least as long as your fingers when your arms are stretched down your side. Keep your fingers flat – no cheating! The length can be adjusted depending on your work environment.

Translating Military Experience to a Civilian Resume

Posted by TheLadders

09:11 AM

Explaining transferable skills is a critical component in navigating the job-search landscape.

By Andrew Klappholz


For the returning military veteran, finding a new job in the civilian workforce often comes down to how well they can explain their transferable skills.

It can be a challenging task. Assembling weapons and digging ditches might not seem useful during peacetime, and often recruiters or hiring managers won’t see how a military background is useful to employers.

As a result, veterans are struggling more than most in this anemic economy and have an unemployment rate that is about 50 percent worse than the national average. “It’s very hard for them to translate their military experience into something a person without military experience would understand,” said Michael McNelis, the director of sales and marketing at Training Camp.

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