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Where the grass really is greener in the job search

Posted by Sarah Woodard

09:45 AM

Increase your job-search success with two data-backed solutions.

Performing a job search is difficult. Writing the perfect resume, researching a company in-depth, interviewing impeccably and just the right amount of follow-up are all musts. If you do them all right, you could land the job. Or you could be one of 1,000 other applicants to a job that 100 of you are probably perfect for. This is the reality of the job search for many professionals. TheLadders turned to its database of more than 6 million job seekers and more than 49,000 recruiters to uncover why this is, and what job seekers can do about it.

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Overcoming the Age Issue in Your Job Search

Posted by Sarah Woodard

01:00 PM

The five articles Baby Boomers need to read to perform an age-appropriate job search.

A job search in your 50s or 60s might not sound ideal, but the reality is that many people will find themselves in this situation as the retirement age continues to rise. Gallup's Economy and Personal Finance survey found that the retirement age is currently 61 – up four years since 1991 – and more than half of today’s workers aged 58-64 expect to retire after the age of 65.

Job searching is rarely an easy or exciting event, and its difficulty is exacerbated with age. While age discrimination in the work place is technically illegal, the practice is by no means extinct. Job seekers need to be aware that job-search advice is not “one size fits all,” and older individuals need to tailor their resumes, interviews and general attitudes accordingly to avoid being passed over for younger candidates.

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The 10 commandments of salary negotiation

Posted by Sarah Woodard

12:26 PM

Live by these laws of salary negotiation to increase your career earnings. [TWEET]


You’ve created an inspiring resume, used every job-search tactic in the book and aced your second and third interviews.  By the time an offer is finally presented, chances are good that you’re worn out, and hungry to accept what's on the table and begin your new role.

But not so fast!

This is a crucial point in the interview process, when it’s appropriate – and expected – to negotiate your salary. According to, about 80 percent of organizations expect negotiations and leave themselves some wiggle room when presenting a salary offer.

By not properly negotiating your salary, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your career.

For that reason, salary expert Jack Chapman created the article series, “The 10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation.” Living by these rules during negotiations is sure to land you the salary you deserve.

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Your job search just got easier

Posted by Sarah Woodard

09:30 PM

Simplify your job-search with the new app from TheLadders.

Job Search by TheLadders Mobile App

What do you do while standing 15-deep in line at Starbucks each morning? If you’re like me, you’re probably playing Candy Crush or scrolling through headlines on CNN. However, if you’re like 75% of the American population who are either actively job seeking or open to hearing about new opportunities, you should check out this new, free app the next time you’re bored in line. It won’t make the line move faster, but it will certainly save you time in your job search!

It’s called Job Search by TheLadders. In a nutshell, you provide information about your background and target job, and the minute a position is posted that fits your goals, it’s delivered to your smartphone. It’s that simple. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or just want to see what opportunities are out there, this app is a game-changer for the mobile job search as we know it.

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