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Versatile digital editor, writer, and content strategist with 5+ years of increasingly responsible leadership experience at both start-ups and major publishers. Expert ability to recruit, manage, and motivate strong teams of writers, both remote and in-office. Acquires new content from multiple sources worldwide. Improves delivery time while decreasing cost and error rate. Adept at producing, sourcing, and editing an array of digital content including web copy and marketing collateral. An experienced freelance journalist and writer with a range of clients large and small.
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Watching the Olympics at work: Being patriotic and productive.

Posted by Ryan Galloway

10:02 AM

If you have an abiding interest in the 2012 Olympics in London, you’re not alone. Over 4 billion people are expected to tune in to the opening ceremony on July 27th. Of course, the real excitement is what follows: days packed with the high drama of international athletic competition. It’s too bad you’re going to miss most of them by being at work.

Or are you?olympicswork resized 600

Streaming coverage makes workplace viewing possible, but doing so is more complicated than just tuning in and minimizing it when your boss walks by. With a little foresight and a lot of self-discipline, you can watch your favorite events from your desk without disrupting your productivity. Take these tips to heart and you can watch the pole vault until your heart’s content.

Don’t be sneaky. Be sure to clear any Olympics viewing with your supervisor. Unless watching online entertainment is an acceptable practice in your office, you don’t want to be caught streaming the Women’s Shot Put Semis when you should be finalizing that budget.

It's not you: Why no one's reading your resume

Posted by Ryan Galloway

03:56 PM

By now, you’ve rewritten your resume more times than you can count. You’ve labored over every word and formatted it within an inch of its life. Blogs with titles like “Jumpstart your Job Search with 5 Resume Tips!” and “4 Foolproof Ways to Get a Recruiter’s Attention!” dominate your bookmarks. You’ve shown it to your friends, your mom, a few trusted colleagues, and that HR manager you dated a while back. Everyone agrees: you look great on paper.

Ready or not: Three mantras for every job search

Posted by Ryan Galloway

03:02 PM

Before you attend that networking event or go searching for the latest in resume advice, take a moment, take a breath, and read these three items:


1.      You have a new job.

Consider your job search a new job all on its own. If you’re currently employed, best practices say you should spend 15-20 hours a week on your job search. Unemployed?  You need to dedicate 35-40 hours a week. In this market, you need to be committed to your search. If your time is limited, make sure you’re focusing on the activities that will be most effective for your search.

Public or Private? Leveraging an Online Presence in Your Job Search

Posted by Ryan Galloway

01:09 PM

If a recruiter can’t find you online, then they can’t find you at all.

A powerful online presence can (and often does) make or break a job search. So what does a jobseeker’s online presence look like? It’s more than just having a profile on a few big-name pages. Instead, it’s about story. An out-of-date photo and a list of past employers doesn’t tell your story the way it deserves. What about your biggest wins? Who were your most recognizable clients? More importantly, what are your peers saying about you?

Here are 3 key steps to successfully manage your online presence in the midst of a job search: