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6 Steps to Negotiating Compensation

Posted by Nicholas Ugbode

02:09 PM

Use this 6 step guide to negotiate a compensation package after receiving an offer.

By Nicholas Ugbode


After a long interview process and the uncertainty of whether or not you nailed the final round, nothing feels better than getting that offer letter. But wait, what happens if they come back to you with an offer $5K lower than expected, or a job title not in-line with your discussions? This is where you can employ some of the best-practices below to ensure that you come away with the healthiest compensation package possible.

As a rule, keep in mind that negotiations are not always a negative conversation to have; they are oftentimes expected. You are never in a more powerful position as a prospective employee as when the offer letter is received! Employment and salary negotiation should be a win/win situation, not necessarily a competition. Maintain a positive, realistic and confident attitude in all conversations about your employment package and you will ultimately be able to get your points across more effectively.

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