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Secrets to Job Hunting through Social Media

Posted by Lisa Odierno

08:30 AM


You reject friend requests on Facebook, you think tweeting is for the birds and Pinterest? What is Pinterest anyway? If you’re not on board with the latest social media trends, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon since more and more companies are using social networks as a key recruitment tool. Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to your advantage in your job search.

LinkedIn: Recruiters hire candidates through LinkedIn 40% of the time. So, if you’re not on LinkedIn, you should be.

  • Complete Your Profile: LinkedIn users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to get hits. Update your profile with recent work information and write a catchy summary that focuses on your experience, career goals and interests.

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Resume Failures of the Unprofessional Job Seeker

Posted by Lisa Odierno

05:43 PM

You sure caught the attention of that Recruiter. Your glamour shot looks great, but now you have the Recruiter wondering if this is the type of thing you send in with a job application, what sort of stuff do you have posted elsewhere? Your lapse in judgment just cost you that interview. Check out the common ways job seekers can be perceived as unprofessional to potential employers and avoid them so that your resume doesn’t land at the top of the ‘No’ pile.

Pleaze Read My Rezumee: Typos and misspellings are the fastest ways to turn off any employer. What are the quickest ways to ensure that your resume is error free? Run a quick spell check, print it out, read it backwards and even enlist the help of a friend to review it for you. The email address you provide employers says a lot about your professionalism. Stay away from offensive, cute or sexually explicit email addresses. Also, avoid shared email accounts that you have with a significant other or your family. You’ll want to separate yourself as an individual. If your email address depicts you in a negative light or invites the possibility of a message being answered by your 9-year-old daughter, create your own email account that incorporates your name as it appears on your resume and cover letter.

Jump-Start Your Job Search

Posted by Lisa Odierno

01:26 PM

While a lucky few may land a new job opportunity with minimal effort, the majority of job seekers will need to work hard to take the next step in their careers. Not sure where to start? The following steps will serve as foundation to begin your search.

Would you hire yourself based on your current resume? Thoroughly review your resumejumpstart with that question in mind. Your resume may require a quick update or a complete overhaul. Either way, make sure your resume effectively highlights your strengths and shows what a catch you are.

Clean up your digital dirt. Interviewers can find information about candidates through social networking profiles, blog comments and personal websites. Remove any questionable material from the web that may hinder potential employment opportunities.

Utilize social and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Ning and Doostang to build your online presence. Post your resume to your profile when applicable, search for openings, research companies and get introduced to potential employers.

Oops-Proof Your Resume: Five Top Tips

Posted by Lisa Odierno

04:00 PM

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Resume writing can be a challenging task to take on yourself. There's a lot to consider when it comes to resume formatting, keywords and job descriptions. These are all important elements of a stellar resume, but you may be overlooking the little things that show your attention to detail, or lack thereof.

A small typo can be a big turnoff to potential employers. Proofread your resume, cover letter and all supporting job search documents to avoid these common mistakes before submitting them to any posting.

Spill Check, Spell Cheek, Spell Check.

Read every word on your resume carefully. The Spell Check function in Microsoft Word will only pick up spelling and grammatical errors, not misused words. So, if you type “too” when you really meant “two,” Word will not recognize the mistake.