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3-Step Job Interview Preparation: What to Do Before, During & After an Interview

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Blow your next interview out of the water with these simple tips. [TWEET]

By Katherine Brunt


I cannot stress the importance of interview preparation! You only get one chance to prove to a potential employer why you’re the right candidate for the job. It’s imperative you walk into each and every interview with a premeditated plan for selling yourself. Unfortunately, too many well-qualified candidates fail to spend enough time preparing for interviews and subsequently lose out on good offers.

Interview prep not your forte? Try implementing this simple 3-step job interview preparation plan to help you score your ideal career.

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6 Amazing Tools to Create Perfect Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Create game-changing job application documents with these 6 digital profile tools. [TWEET]

By Robert Morris


With so much competition for job placement these days, the need to stand out has never been more prevalent. A resume and cover letter simply aren’t enough. Fortunately for the job seeker, the hunt for a good career can be simplified with the abundance of digital resume and portfolio platforms at our disposal.

Topics: Job Application, Resume

8 Essential Tips for Writing Your Resume

Posted by Guest Contributor

02:00 PM

Sell your hard skills effectively with these resume writing tips. [TWEET]

By Andy Preisler

How much time does a recruiter spend reviewing a potential hire? 60 seconds? 30 seconds? 10 seconds?


Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of job seekers are granted even less. On average, employers only spend about six seconds reviewing a resume before making the initial decision on a candidate. So what’s the key to securing an interview? Having a well-written, compelling resume.

Topics: Resume, Job Search Process

How to Conquer Age Bias in the Sales Job Search

Posted by Guest Contributor

02:17 PM

The art of the sell has no age limit. Prove your worth with these helpful hints. [TWEET]

By Robyn Melhuish


Inching closer towards retirement, but still looking for a new gig? You’re not alone.

In a survey conducted by AARP of working professionals aged 45 to 74, seven in 10 respondents plan to continue working throughout retirement. Of those surveyed, 64 percent claimed to have experienced ageism at their current place of business or when looking for a new position.

Topics: Age and Your Job Search, Job Search Process

How To Hit The Right Notes In Your Job Interview Presentation

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Nail your next job interview presentation with these tips. [TWEET]  

By Melissa Llarena


Mark made an excellent first impression at his initial interview with a Hong Kong based direct sales consumer goods company. He was then notified that he would have to present a pitch deck at his next interview. The instructions were specific– he was to pitch a sale over $1M that he'd led over the past two years.

Mark panicked, as he did not have a great example, nor had he ever reached that revenue number in the past. He asked himself, “how can I position my presentation in a way that's relevant and answers the question head on?”

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5 important factors to consider before working at a startup

Posted by Guest Contributor

11:33 AM

Thinking of jumping ship and joining a startup? Use these tips to help you decide. [TWEET]

By Shindy Chen

These days, it seems like everyone’s jumping on the startup bandwagon. Somewhere along the way, working a corporate job lost its panache to the startup “badge of honor.” Especially if you live in a city with a burgeoning tech scene.

However, not all startups are created equal. Success in the startup world is largely dependent on the founding team’s smarts, skills and drive. And while they’re not for everyone, startups do offer a diverse workplace experience some professionals might prefer over the corporate routine.


Topics: Changing Careers

6 Steps to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Stop procrastinating and get back to your job seach with these six tips. [TWEET]

By Yohana Petrovic

You’ve spent the last few months lounging around the house enjoying work-free days. Or maybe you just quit your job and are preparing to transition into something new. Whatever your reasons are for not being employed at the moment, sooner or later you’ll need to find a job.


Topics: Changing Careers, Job Search Process

Using Personality Tests To Find The Right Job For You

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Taking a personality test could be the first step to finding your dream career. [TWEET]

By Sara Cole


Gone are the days when doctors and engineers monopolized the job industry. Young professionals today have an abundance of lucrative opportunities to choose from to fit every personality type. And with the number of availible jobs at the highest it’s been in 15 years, there’s never been a better time to find your ideal career!

Unfortunately, it’s not always as easily done as said. If finding a job is one part of the challenge, the other, often more challenging part is finding the right job. Most young professionals have no idea what type of work they wish to pursue— which explains why so many end up working in fields they're the least interested in.

Topics: Job Search Process

5 tips for launching a brand on social

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:30 PM

Does your brand have a scalable social plan? Use these tips to set the tone for an engaged community. [TWEET

By Stephanie Paige Miller

In an increasingly digital workforce, architecting a scalable social plan is critical for the launch of any brand. Social channels are powerful tools that can help your team build pre-launch buzz and set the tone for an engaged online community. The stronger your social presence, the better outreach your product will have.

Launching a new brand but don’t know where to begin? Here are 5 tips for launching your brand on social.


Topics: Social & Mobile Trends

In defense of summer Fridays in a 24/7 work world

Posted by Guest Contributor

10:00 AM

Share the love this summer by incorporating one of the hottest incentives into your business plan. [TWEET]

By Nikki Pepper

I like to believe I’m as hard-working as the next guy or girl. Being full time at WeWork, deputy editor of and holding a Travel+SocialGood board position is no cakewalk. Honestly, it’s a lot to juggle most days. But there’s something about the summer that I’ll always hold near and dear.


Topics: Work-Life Balance, Workplace