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9 tips for getting the referrals you want

Posted by Guest Contributor

04:09 PM

Need help getting the right references for your dream job? Try these tips. [TWEET]

By Michelle Kruse

At one time or another, we’ve all been asked to provide a list of references when seeking employment. This request is typically accompanied by a few guidelines such as the number requested (three is standard) and who they don’t want you to list (most notably relatives). If you have an active short-list of people who can vouch for your strengths and accreditations, this is an easy task. But what if you don’t have such a list prepared?


Topics: Networking, Personal Branding, Job Application, Job Search Process

The foundation of winning leadership

Posted by Guest Contributor

05:30 PM

Are you a winning leader? Use these tips to become one. [TWEET

By Ken Sundheim 

Few of us are born leaders. Many shy away from the job. And even more lack the dedication and passion it takes to mold and mentor a team of multifaceted talents.

There are several reasons why certain professionals avoid management positions, or why management positions seem to avoid them altogether. While management isn’t for everyone, the leadership skills embraced by affluent, senior-level executives can translate to the success of any employee.

Interested in improving your leadership skills? Check out these five behaviors and habits of successful leaders that will better the leadership quality of any professional.

winning leadership

Topics: Motivation and Inspiration

How to get a job as a community manager

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:48 PM

Interested in a career in community management? Try these tips to get involved today. [TWEET

By Zack Sheppard

The field of community management has grown rapidly over the past few years. The rise in popularity can be attributed to the growing belief that companies cannot survive simply by accumulating users. In today's ultra-competitive tech market, companies strive to build a community around their products, services, or mission. But what does a community manager do and what does building a community actually mean?


Topics: Social & Mobile Trends, Professional Development

The 3 tenets of managing your stress to realize your ambitions

Posted by Guest Contributor

03:04 PM

Stress can seem like a burdenbut it’s what gets you closer to your dreams. [TWEET

By Jan Bruce

When you’re dreaming of a new job, chances are you don’t just yearn to move over a desk or two. You want to find work that really satisfies you, that helps you grow, that connects you to new ideas, new people, new products. But there’s something keeping you stuck in your cubie, and it’s probably not your boss or your financial situation, or even the job market.


Topics: Stress and the Job Search

Why you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy

Posted by Guest Contributor

03:37 PM

Marketers, 78% of people watch online video every week. Have you added video to your content strategy? [TWEET

By Jessica Salinas


Topics: Social & Mobile Trends, Professional Development

How to work remotely, and successfully

Posted by Guest Contributor

09:00 AM

Working from home may sound like a dream-come-true for some, but it's not all about relaxation. Are you up for the challenge of staying on-task while away from office? [TWEET]

By Liz Hall

Before hitting that “apply” button, it’s always best to compare a company's offered benefits against your own set of job-happiness requirements.

For example, if having the ability to work from home has moved up from a “wouldn’t-that-be nice” perk to a total necessity, then congratulations -- you’re joining many like-minded professionals.  


Topics: Work-Life Balance, Workplace

Different social media networks, different 'game rules' for 2015

Posted by Guest Contributor

09:00 AM

Has social media 'gameplay' changed? Follow these rules to set yourself up for success in the spring season of 2015 and beyond. [TWEET]

By Stephanie Grayson

As baseball season returns this month, with all of its rules and wonderful traditions, it has me thinking about social media networks' "game rules" too.


Topics: Social & Mobile Trends, Social Media

7 apps to help you perform better at work

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Your smartphone isn't just a distraction at work -- utilize these 7 web-based and mobile apps to help you perform more efficiently! [TWEET]

By Amber Stanley


There never seems to be enough time during the workday! In today’s technology-oriented, fast-paced society (with an even more competitive job market!) professionals are expected to juggle multiple tasks daily – like projects, business campaigns, meetings and pitching ideas to supervisors – all while staying connected and active on email, mobile devices and social media.

Topics: Social & Mobile Trends, Work-Life Balance, Workplace

5 lessons I’ve learned from working at a startup

Posted by Guest Contributor

09:00 AM

Should you work at a startup? Here's what to expect during your first year in the startup world. [TWEET]

By Nikki Pepper

March 10, 2015 was my one-year anniversary at WeWork, a company that equips businesses with beautiful shared office spaces around the world.

I rejoined a team after almost one year of freelancing, waiting for the right opportunity to dive into another job role. Immediately after my casual (but still, two-hour) interview, I knew: this was it.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve learned more than I can boil down into five points. But I believe these lessons speak to startup culture, and the amazing opportunities such an environment presents.


Topics: Changing Careers, Workplace

5 tips to create an effective resume

Posted by Guest Contributor

12:00 PM

Your resume structure matters, so follow these tips -- don't burden your potential employer with a jumbled list of your work history! [TWEET]

By Cari Bennette


Writing a resume involves more than simply listing job experiences and education. It must be a clear representation of you as a professional: including your skillset, qualifications and career goals.

Topics: Resume