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Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

Posted by Dr. Woody

12:30 PM

We all like predictability because it makes life easier. From knowing the sun is going to rise in the morning to the regularly scheduled time of our favorite show, the predictable elements of life give us a sense of calm. It’s one less thing we  have to worry about. On the flip side, uncertainty in our lives can be stressful. Not knowing what’s around the corner often leads to fear. This fear can be psychologically paralyzing, particularly when it comes to the job search. Uncertainty

The loss of a job or the experience of career transition is a big shock to the brain. The loss of your daily routine, commute, work space, and social contacts is nerve wracking. Your first order of business should be to restore these elements in your life as best you can and then start thinking about how to get yourself out there in a deliberate and focused way. Creating certainty in these uncertain economic times requires establishing structure, knowing yourself, and creating a plan.