Can You Name 10 Companies You'd Work For?

Posted by Marc Cenedella

02:30 PM

Use this career planning guide to figure out where else you may want to work, and to have a plan if you get fired.

There was a time when you could count on your employer to take care of you for the long haul. You'd graduate college, join a large corporation, stay there for forty years and retire clutching a gold watch. The company laid out your career path, your pension, and your progression through assignments.

Yep, there was a paternalistic moment in American corporate history.

This is not that moment.


Given upheavals this past decade, you never know when your present employer is going to retrench, reboot, & release you. There's nothing less welcome than an unexpected and involuntary separation from a decent paycheck and a warm cubicle.

So it is far, far better to keep yourself in the driver's seat and do "heads up" career planning: keeping one eye on the future of where you're going is the best way to make sure you stay safe and comfortable in where you are.

You'd prefer a running start should something ever go wrong with your current company, which is why it's smart to have an updated list of 10 companies that you'd like to work for in the future should the occasion require.

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Three Clever Ploys for Dealing with Dumb Job Interview Questions From the CEO

Posted by Marc Cenedella

01:23 PM

Don't get tripped up by daft interview questions, by moving the conversation towards your ability to do the job.


An article that promises "We got 10 CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires" ought to be full of impressive questions that directly connect the behavior and past performance of the candidate to the job, right?

Unfortunately, no.

As it happens, the ten CEOs that Quartz assembled have the usual mess of dumb questions, self-important nonsense, and bizarre voodoo rituals.

And while there's a good explanation for how even the top dog at a company can end up asking the worst interview questions, the important outcome for you is to make sure that dumb questions don't keep you from landing a great gig.

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The Best Way You Can Help Yourself During Your Next Interview

Posted by Marc Cenedella

02:40 PM

In your next interview, phone screen, or chat over drinks, when the topic comes up…ask "what are you looking for?"

The most successful hot dog cart in Ladders' hometown of New York City isn't a hot dog cart at all. It's "The Halal Guys", a gyro, chicken and rice stand in midtown a couple blocks from Fox News and Radio City Music Hall. 

As you can see, the line stretches all the way down the block. And it's that way any time of day or night. My wife and I once waited a half-hour at 1 a.m. in the morning for Halal Guys' gyros after a late night celebrating our anniversary.


Now the thing that makes The Halal Guys special is the food and the service. They focus on their specialty and they're quick to ask what you'd like. It makes sense because that's the best way to make sure your customer is getting what they want. 

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Employers Hiring in New York for May 2016

Posted by Marc Cenedella

03:25 PM

We have over 125,000 employers looking for new employees on Ladders, and we could use your help. 


If you, or your friends or colleagues, could fit the bill for one of the below-listed jobs in New York, please let us know by clicking through and applying.


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When a One-Armed Man Knocked Out a Kickboxer

Posted by Marc Cenedella

01:26 PM

The story of Baxter Humby will inspire you to realize that you can never say "never" again.


Speaking of excuses, there are a lot of reasons why you might not want to be a kickboxer. 

You could be timid, you could not enjoy fighting, you might prefer kung fu, and so on.

But let's take one really obvious reason why you can't be a good kickboxer:

You only have one arm.

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I Just Wanted to Say How Much I Appreciate the Work You're Doing

Posted by Marc Cenedella

01:43 PM

Sharing your gratitude for the people around you is a great way to help yourself, your career, your community, and your state of mind.


At the end of this newsletter, I'm going to ask you to send a quick 3-sentence thank you to somebody, right now, to share how much you appreciate something they did, or achieved, or toiled over.

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Even a Genius Has to Sell Himself...The Resume of Leonardo da Vinci

Posted by Marc Cenedella

12:59 PM

Use Leonardo da Vinci's resume as inspiration to create a strong one of your own.

Before he was famous, before he painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, before he invented the helicopter, before he drew the most famous image of man, before he was all of these things, Leonardo da Vinci was an armorer, a weapons guy, a maker of things that go "boom". 

And, like you, he had to put together a resume to get his next gig. So in 1482, at the age of 30, he wrote out a letter and a list of his capabilities and sent it off to Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan.

So to celebrate Leonardo's birthday this Friday, April 15th, I'd like to share his wonderful resume with you. 


The translation of this letter is quite remarkable:

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The Best Employers And Recruiters In The Country For You

Posted by Marc Cenedella

12:30 PM

Our list of the savviest, most supportive and successful hiring professionals in the USA for Spring 2016.


To start April, we'd like to congratulate the best HR people and recruiters in the country! Each quarter, Ladders puts together the list of the best employers and executive recruiters in the nation. The people listed below represent the savviest, most supportive and most successful hiring professionals in the USA, and we are pleased to have them be part of the extended Ladders family.

With great pleasure, acclaim, and gratitude, may I present our "Top Recruitment Professionals in America" for Spring 2016:

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Ladders' Top 200 Recruiters: Q1 2016

Posted by Alex Staunton

10:24 AM

Ladders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q1 2016.

I am pleased to announce the Top 100 Corporate Recruiters and the Top 100 Executive Recruiters on Ladders for Q1 2016. These talent acquisition experts have demonstrated exemplary engagement within Ladders’ community, along with quality hiring processes and social responsibility in recruiting.



Posted by Marc Cenedella

02:36 PM

View the 100 top positions landed by your fellow Ladders subscribers in the past few months.


Thousands of your Ladders members found new jobs in March!

For the sixth year in a row since the recession, activity is way up on Ladders. HR people and recruiters were 60% more active this year compared to last year.

Why? Because Ladders members are professionals interested in a new job, and behave, well, like professionals.

While the typical job on LinkedIn or Monster gets hundreds (thousands!) of unqualified applications, the typical job at Ladders gets just 23 members applying. And they tend to be more targeted, relevant, and interesting to the HR person or recruiter.

So while we don't have the space to share them all, here are a hundred of the top positions landed by your fellow subscribers through in the past months:

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