Please Review the Other Applicants For This Job First

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Would you like to see the name, title, compensation, work history and educational background of each person applying to the same jobs you're applying to here at TheLadders? 

Well, I can't show you name, and sometimes I need to truncate the title in order to preserve anonymity, but our popular feature "Scout" shows you the compensation, skills, title, work and educational background as well as overall years of experience for each applicant to the jobs posted directly here on TheLadders. 

For obvious reasons, we can't show you personally identifiable information like current employer. 

But for understanding how realistic your prospects are, and how stiff the competition is, there's no better insight on the web. (Or mobile.) 

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Yogi Berra Shares His Career Advice

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Yankee great Yogi Berra passed last week; if you'd have asked him, here's the career advice he'd give you... 

"It ain't over till it's over" 

We get excited at the prospect of a new job -- interviews have been going great, your future boss is a charm, and the commute is even five minutes shorter! What a perfect opportunity! 

But don't take your eye off the ball until you've got the offer signed and accepted. 

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The Interview: Compel with Your Character

Posted by Victoria Xiao

12:59 PM

The most quietly compelling way to impress at an interview is to display your character while highlighting what you can bring to the table.  [TWEET]

When our perspective shifts to giving rather than receiving, the interview experience for both sides will immediately change for the better. Here is how to apply this method to three of the most popular interview questions:

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My Single Best Tip

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

In the decade I’ve been writing this newsletter, the single best tip I’ve given, that has come back to me over, and over, and over again, is this: 

When it gets to that part of the interview with your future boss where they ask, "well, do you have any questions for me?", say yes, and ask: 

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These Companies Are Hiring, Can You Help?

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

We have over ninety-eight thousand employers looking for new employees on TheLadders for the Fall hiring season. 

It's no secret at this point that the market has turned around and hiring demand is pretty strong across the board. 

Take a look through this partial list of top employers on TheLadders this past Summer and click through to see employment opportunities on TheLadders: 

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Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


Thousands of your fellow subscribers found new jobs this Summer on TheLadders! 

We now have more than 100,000 HR people, recruiters, and hiring managers using TheLadders to recruit for their next great hire. That's more than any of the competition, and that works in your favor. 

Why? Because TheLadders professionals are interested in a new job, and behave respectfully. While the typical job posting on LinkedIn or Monster gets hundreds (thousands!) of unqualified applications, the typical job at TheLadders gets just 14 applicants that are targeted, relevant, and interesting to the HR person or recruiter. 

So while we don't have the space to share them all, here are a hundred of the top positions landed by your fellow subscribers through in the past months: 

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Never Worry About Awkward Profile Pics Again With These 13 Crucial Tips

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


You know that this modern world of Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram profile pics -- not to mention conferences and ID badges -- requires you to have a decent headshot saved to your desktop for easy access. 

But if you've always been a little unsure if you've got it right, we've got thirteen tips for making your profile pics look great. 

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100 Words to Get You Hired

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM


You Google stuff all the time, right? Whether it’s to find the new Italian restaurant in town, get plane tickets, or track down the name of that song you used to sing out loud on the way to the tailgate, you’re always searching in that little Google box. 

So how do you think recruiters find you on 

Well, they type a search into our search box. 

So if you want to get found, you ought to fill out your profile with more detail on your background and experience. 

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Five Tiny Resume Flaws You Can't Afford to Make

Posted by Guest Contributor

01:00 PM

These often overlooked mistakes will make you seem careless. [TWEET]

By Kaysie Garza


Even though the words “detail-oriented” have no business appearing on your resume, you should still be able to demonstrate it through quantifiable accomplishments and examples.

If you’re a seasoned resume tweaker, you know how to spin duties as otherworldly achievements. You even know how to elaborate on your transferable skills in a way that doesn’t resemble an antique auction (Fast learner! Team player! Sold!).

Yet, even with all your real-life expertise and resume knowhow, you may be saying more about your true work habits without using many words at all. How is this possible? It’s all in the details, of course. 

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4 warning signs you’re working for the wrong company

Posted by Shawn Hampton

03:00 PM

If your heart’s not in it, why should you be? [TWEET]


If you are teetering on the proverbial fence about whether or not your current position is the right fit for you, here are four warning signs insinuating that it may be time to take the next step in your career search.  

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