The foundation of winning leadership

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05:14 PM

Are you a winning leader? Use these tips to become one. [TWEET

By Ken Sundheim

Few of us are born leaders and perhaps even fewer embrace the change, dedication and passion it takes to mold, upgrade and mentor a team of subordinates. This is precisely why individuals avoid management positions or why management positions seem to avoid them. Leadership requires strict discipline and an unrelenting drive to not only improve oneself but to improve others as well. Simply stated, winning as a leader means acquiring distinct behaviors and attitudes. Below, you’ll find a few.


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How to get a job as a community manager

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12:48 PM

Interested in a career in community management? Try these tips to get involved today. [TWEET

By Zack Sheppard

The field of community management has grown rapidly over the past few years. The rise in popularity can be attributed to the growing belief that companies cannot survive simply by accumulating users. In today's ultra-competitive tech market, companies strive to build a community around their products, services, or mission. But what does a community manager do and what does building a community actually mean?


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The best employers and recruiters in the country for you

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Each quarter, we publish our list of the best employers and recruiters in the country. These represent the savviest, most supportive and most successful hiring professionals in the USA, and we are pleased to have them be part of the extended TheLadders family.

With great pleasure, acclaim, and gratitude, may I present this selection from our most recent "Top Recruitment Professionals in America" list, for Summer 2015:

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The 3 tenets of managing your stress to realize your ambitions

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Stress can seem like a burdenbut it’s what gets you closer to your dreams. [TWEET

By Jan Bruce

When you’re dreaming of a new job, chances are you don’t just yearn to move over a desk or two. You want to find work that really satisfies you, that helps you grow, that connects you to new ideas, new people, new products. But there’s something keeping you stuck in your cubie, and it’s probably not your boss or your financial situation, or even the job market.


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Why you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy

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Marketers, 78% of people watch online video every week. Have you added video to your content strategy? [TWEET

By Jessica Salinas


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Bad news, you just got one year's severance

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Sometimes bad news comes in the prettiest packages. One of the commonest I see in the careers business is the generous severance payout. What seems like a gift from the highest graces too often turns out to be bad tidings in disguise.

The "severance vacation" — that fools' gold of "time off" that turns a few well-deserved weeks into several empty seasons — has led too many professionals, executives, and high-performers to mistakenly act against their own best interests.

How can it be that something as seemingly non-controversial as a full year's "money for nothing" can end up hurting you?

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Should you work at a startup?

Posted by Joe Amodei

03:39 PM

Are you fit for the startup world? Take this quiz to find out. [TWEET

We've all had the thought at some point in our careers—typically on days we’re particularly disenchanted with corporate life. Maybe you don't feel like your efforts are having a measurable impact at your current place of business. Or you think there's no long-term upside to your current role. The entrepreneurial desire to roll up your sleeves and help build a company from the ground up consumes you. You lean back in your chair, survey your desk and wonder "should I jump ship and work at a startup?"


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How to work remotely, and successfully

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09:00 AM

Working from home may sound like a dream-come-true for some, but it's not all about relaxation. Are you up for the challenge of staying on-task while away from office? [TWEET]

By Liz Hall

Before hitting that “apply” button, it’s always best to compare a company's offered benefits against your own set of job-happiness requirements.

For example, if having the ability to work from home has moved up from a “wouldn’t-that-be nice” perk to a total necessity, then congratulations -- you’re joining many like-minded professionals.  


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Please review the other applicants for this job first.

Posted by Marc Cenedella

08:00 AM

Would you like to see the name, title, compensation, work history and educational background of each person applying to the same jobs you're applying to here at TheLadders?

Well, I can't show you name, and sometimes I need to truncate the title in order preserve anonymity, but our popular feature "Scout" shows you the compensation, skills, title, work and educational background as well as overall years of experience for each applicant to the jobs posted directly here on TheLadders.

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5 ways your thank-you note could cost you the job

Posted by Amanda Augustine

01:52 PM

Don’t let a shoddy follow-up ruin your chances of landing the job. [TWEET]


survey conducted by TheLadders found more than 75 percent of interviewers say receiving a thank-you note impacts their decision-making process. [TWEET]

However, not every thank-you message will help your candidacy. In fact, when done incorrectly, your thank-you note can cause more harm than good. Below are five ways your interview follow-up could lose you the job offer.

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