Recruiters: Don’t miss this boat

Posted by Thomas Murphy

January 16, 2013

It's not too late to jump on board and try TheLadders free service out!

With technology, there are always going to be two kinds of consumers: early adopters and those unwilling to try the unknown. If you weren’t one of the early adopters of TheLadders Passport, a service that affords you unlimited search-and-post capabilities – for FREE – fear not, it’s not too late to get onboard!

In 2012, with a goal of helping recruiters become more successful in finding the right candidates for their open positions, TheLadders made some amazing improvements…and quickly. Now, recruiters on TheLadders can:

  • Search and post for free
  • Post all professional jobs (not just executive positions)
  • Retrieve meaningful content that helps them understand the market’s demands and the jobseekers’ needs

With all of these changes, one question that remains is, “Why isn’t every recruiter using TheLadders to find top talent?” Actually, many recruiters did take advantage of these updates. In 2012, we saw an increase of more than 16,000 recruiters that actively use the site. But, with more than 5 million job seekers on TheLadders, there is plenty of room for more recruiters!

30k recruiters

As we sprint into 2013, more than 30,000 of your colleagues already are successfully using TheLadders to help fill their open positions. And, with TheLadders establishing itself as the leader in mobile recruiting, these recruiters will get early access to never-before-seen functionality.

Give yourself the gift of early adoption in 2013 and sign up for your own free recruitment account at TheLadders.

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Thomas Murphy, Director, Enterprise Marketing. Tom works with his team to understand how recruiters use technology to help them find the best candidates. When not talking shop about HR, he is trying to get back in shape so he does not embarrass himself at the team triathlon next year.

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