Top 12 RecruitBlog Posts from 2012

Posted by Dave Dorman

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December 21, 2012

We've had a tremendous year here at TheLadders between launching our completely free recruitment product and growing to over 29,000 recruiters (an update from a previous post).

In addition, we've launched the RecruitBlog which has resonated very well with our recruiter base.  In case you missed missed any of our top articles this year, we've compiled a list of the best-of-the-best:

1. TheLadders Announces Top Recruiters
2. The Big Lie about Social Recruiting
3. The Problem with Interviewing Millennials
4. Ironman: 7 Rules of Recruiting
5. Screening Resumes:  10 Tips to Speed up the Process
6. 5 Best Practices for Interviewing Millennials
7. Pick up the Phone
8. 4 articles you should be sharing with your candidate pool
9. How Recruiting is like Getting in Shape
10. Closing an Offer:  Salary Negotiations
11. Recruit the Best – Now, for FREE!
12. The Candidate Experience: Turning Candidates into Brand Ambassadors

Happy holidays and best of luck in your recruiting efforts in the new year!


Dave DormanDave Dorman is a Marketing Manager for TheLadders, where he is responsible for engaging recruiters with its suite of products and services.