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Posted by Thomas Murphy

November 12, 2012

TheLadders is looking to help you get back to business as normal.

I have always been proud that my roots are firmly planted in New Jersey. Since moving to the U.S. from Ireland generations ago, both sides of my family have been residents of New Jersey. To this day, we spend our summers together “down the shore” at my grandparents’ house: beach by day, backyard barbeque by night.

After the destruction caused by Sandy, the nightly calls to my parents have changed from quick check-ins to “How are you? Do you have power yet? Has the town allowed Gram to move back into her house?” As expected, the Murphy family has stayed “Jersey Strong,” but every night I can hear a little more frustration that life is still far from back to normal.

No matter how tough and resilient one is, there is comfort in having a standard routine. When that is taken away, you feel powerless and unproductive. Although my team at TheLadders gratefully found ways to work remotely both during and after the hurricane, I am certain you and your team lost some productivity. As electricity has been restored (along with the heat, hopefully), TheLadders is looking to help you get back to business.

To that end, TheLadders is reaching out to our community in four unique ways and has offered to:

  • Donate up to $100,000 worth of expert services to help job seekers continue their efforts of finding their next position

  • Continue to allow companies to post their open positions at no cost (simply login or sign-up to get your job requisitions online)

  • Feature several tri-state companies in TheLadders’ Monday newsletter, written by our Founder Marc Cenedella, which is shared with more than 4 million job seekers.

  • Donate $10,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts for those who  have been heavily impacted and cannot take advantage of the above benefits

As we move into the holiday season, I look forward to celebrating the spirit of giving with you. Together, we can rebuild and help each other get back to business. Please do your part in spreading the word about TheLadders’ efforts by reposting this blog on LinkedIn and your other social networks.


Thomas Murphy, Manager, Recruiter Experience. Tom works with his team to understand how recruiters use technology to help them find the best candidates. When not talking shop about HR, he is trying to get back in shape so he does not embarrass himself at the team triathlon next year.


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