Tan lines or deadlines? [Infographic]

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August 20, 2012

Recruiters: our data shows that summer is the right time to sway great talent by taking initiative.

I have always been told the powerful and simple social science equation “perception = reality”. In the world of hunting for that perfect job or finding the perfect candidate for your opening, it indeed is a stark reality.

From our recent survey results displayed through this fun infographic, it was surprising to note that most job seekers felt that their job hunt was more difficult in the summertime. What is most interesting however, is that they felt the recruiter responsiveness was much less consistent. Although I understand that we are all taking vacations during the summer, this proves to be a very strong opportunity if you have impending deadlines on your roles. For the tech savvy recruiter that does not mind sending out the occasional email while hiking that gorgeous mountain trail in the Swiss Alps (if you get service), to the job seeker it can mean they are that one recruiter who actually is responsive and encouraging them to stay engaged. Summer is the time to sway great talent by taking initiative.

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What is the reality for the recruiter though? The perception from job seekers is that during summer each of the respective recruiters they try to contact have less roles to worry about, more loose deadlines, and greater amounts of surf and sun to tackle instead of roles to fill. I would imagine that despite your requisition load in the summer, whether it is higher or lower, your deadlines are still in place and you are tasked with filling your roles regardless of vacation plans.

In order to set the record straight,

  • Are your deadlines more relaxed in the summertime, and is your requisition load any different?
  • Are job seekers justified in having that perception? 
Share your thoughts on this and our survey results in the comments below!

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