How recruiting is like getting in shape

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

August 16, 2012

TheLadders FitFinder representative Heather Bauer reflects on the similarities between getting in shape and finding the right talent.

This summer, it’s likely that you’ve thought about working out more. So have we. In fact, here at TheLadders, we started our own “Biggest Loser” club, and the teams have been squaring off on the scale with a ton of success.

While we talk to our recruiter clients about their day-to-day work, we couldn’t help but notice how similar getting in shape is to the recruiting process. So we thought a bit of fun was in order and put together this chart. Enjoy!

Recruit, work out

And sometimes you just need a helping hand, be it a personal trainer or your friendly neighborhood sourcer! That’s why we have FitFinder here at TheLadders. We can help take some of the pressure off your resume search.

We’ll have to wait and see who the “Biggest Loser” is at our company, but if you’re trying to shape up this summer, know that we’re rooting for you!

Topics: Recruiting & Sourcing