Attracting talent even during hiring lulls

Posted by Dave Dorman

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August 9, 2012

resume search, candidate searchUnlike roulette, a sound investment is not made on a whim in the hopes of getting lucky. Rather, it requires substantial preparation and research, beginning with identifying your ultimate goal and culminating with the execution of a thorough plan of attack.

Perhaps now more than ever, companies across the country are fully realizing how hiring is a long-term human capital investment. One bad decision can set you back months, while finding that "purple squirrel" can help take your business to the next level.

Due to the significant risks and rewards a hire can offer, organizations need to ensure they are not leaving any stones unturned, even when they are not actively hiring. In a recent Fast Company column, Jim Newman, executive vice president of operations for the e-commerce and digital marketing company Acquity, writes that the recruiting work you put in even when your company is not actively hiring can make all the difference.

Establish Rapport

"Establishing rapport is the single most important differentiator," Newman, who is responsible for human resources and recruiting at Acquity, writes in the column. "Even before you have an immediate position to fill, start developing relationships with stand-out individuals. Of course, you must do your research and tailor your approach to build a personal connection with the most qualified candidates."

Cultivate Relationships

Once the seed is planted, work to cultivate these relationships and demonstrate your strong employer brand to these prospective candidates. Much of this can be accomplished through social media - where, incidentally, more than 90 percent of recruiters now turn to for finding candidates. Update your company's Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle as often as possible with fresh, relevant information.