4 articles you should be sharing with your candidate pool

Posted by Dave Dorman

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August 2, 2012

Recruiter, Sharing, Jobseeker adviceIn addition to the recruiter-based news and advice we've been publishing, we want to equip you with some of the most-interesting jobseeker advice from both TheLadders and the greater web. 

Therefore, this is our first installment of "4 articles you should be sharing with your candidate pool".  Why?

We've found that our recruiter base is not only interested in content that helps them hone their craft as a recruiter, but are also interested jobseeker content / information that allows you to:

  1. Arm and differentiate yourself with interesting insight to discuss with jobseekers

  2. Send information along to passive candidates, therefore marketing yourself with a "soft touch"

  3. Maintain a good dialogue with your candidates in-process


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