Millennials: Should you hire them?

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July 16, 2012

By Lisa Odierno

Social media-obsessed, tech savvy optimists are breaking into the job market in record numbers. This new generation of workers, known as Millennials, has struggled to land jobs recently. But, there are certain traits that these 18 to 29-year-olds possess that make them a catch to any potential employer.



Take a look any Millennial’s computer screen and you’re likely to see more than a few programs running at a time. According to a recent study by MBA@UNC, Millennials move between media platforms such as laptops, tablets, TVs and smartphones roughly 27 times per hour. Cycling quickly between personal and work-related tasks is second nature to Millennials and has been known to drive results and productivity.


Millennials are constantly connected to each other through social media, making them potential walking billboards for any company. About 52% of Millennials have 300 or more Facebook friends, 43% have liked over 20 brands on Facebook and 91% publically display Facebook and Foursquare check-ins. Hiring employees who are active across social media platforms can dramatically expand a company’s digital reach.

Tech savvy

This new generation has grown up with and become dependent on technology and communication portals. Coding, digital content creation, search capability and social networking are coveted skills that this new generation has developed. It is important for companies to employ someone who knows the ins and outs of the latest apps, mobile, e-mail and Internet technology to enhance competitive differentiation.

Natural born leaders

The majority of Millennials value entrepreneurship education as a means of success in the new economy. Many launched their own business while in college and others began a side business after graduating. Millennials also want to learn and grow with a company. Career progression, personal development and training are three aspects of a job that hold high ranking for them.

Team work

The stereotype that Millennials are demanding and unwilling to contribute is not entirely true. As part of the no-person-left-behind generation, they value teamwork and their teammates more than individual contribution. They prefer to work in groups with their peers and across departments.


These spontaneous adventure-seekers are itching to travel. 71% of Millennials hope to work abroad at some point during their career, making them top candidates for global organizations.

Millennials, representing 80 million young adults, will take over 36% of the US workforce by 2014 and 46% by 2020. With their numbers on the rise, it is important for recruiters to reconsider the seemingly trivial tasks of tweeting and texting as they can provide unique ways to expand a brand, create free advertising and drive revenue.

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