Recruiters for military professionals [Infographic]

Posted by Dave Dorman

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July 3, 2012

With the most patriotic day of the year just ahead of us, TheLadders conducted a survey of its current and former members of of the US Military to better understand the challenges they face in the civilian workplace.

When recruiting a candidate from a military background, what's most important to them? Which branch of the military considers their job search less challenging than other branches?

What's important to military professionals?

Besides salary, 1 in 3 military professionals said that "Benefits, 401k, perks" are most important to them.  In a close 2nd, 26% felt "workplace camaraderie" was most important.

Does the job search differ by branch?

50% believe their job search is more difficult compared to candidates without military experience

See more via the infographic:

4th of July, Military Job Seekers

Click here to download TheLadders 4th of July pdf

Before you spend your time grilling in the backyard or lounging by the beach, let us know your experience in recruiting military professionals....