Recruiting & Social Media - Baby Steps can leave Giant Footprints

Posted by Dave Dorman

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June 22, 2012

How effective is social media recruiting? When consulting with recruiters, this question eventually comes up and often is a common topic of discussion when learning how to better leverage their brand and openings. As indicated by Pagemodo, the perceived ROI on social media marketing is quite high at 62%, being that the initial investment is typically small or free. This coincides with the general increasing adoption of social media as a dominant platform for sharing information. Being prepared to grow your social recruiting network on these platforms and engaging with them is critical to your success in further driving quality candidates to your openings.

Developing your pipeline and effectively promoting your brand and openings is a vital component to your recruiting efforts. The real key for those not familiar or hesitant to dive into this world is to incorporate these new tools and techniques efficiently into your existing daily activities. A best method with our Pipeline tool is to run searches for quality candidates particular to a role’s specifications, but while reviewing those search results, be sure to simultaneously invite every job seeker that could know a potential candidate into your following. For my most successful recruiters, quick practices like these have proven that the time investment and habitual changes are small, but the payoff can be large.

By Kean Gardner, Account Manager