Recruiting candidates who expect to be promoted

Posted by Dave Dorman

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June 12, 2012

How important are candidate expectations to you?   How often have you found that perfect resume, on paper of course, but then discovered that individual was only willing to to change roles in order to be a Director or VP.  Time wasted.

Here at, we've been collecting Candiate Insights, data related to jobseeker "intent".  This way, you can understand candidate aspirations before you spend the time to pick up the phone. 

The following graphic illustrates jobseeker sentiment toward their next job:

USA Today Promotion Graphic

As you can see, over two-thirds of candidates don't expect their next role to be a promotion.  While many of these job seekers may be interested in being promoted, the majority are either indifferent or willing to be recruited for lateral moves.

Conversely, 31% of jobseekers are steadfast on being promoted when taking on a new role.

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