Viva La Pipeline!

Posted by Dave Dorman

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January 1, 1980




In early 2010, TheLadders rolled out a new tool for recruiters called
My Pipeline. We positioned it as “the powerful, new social recruitment tool that makes finding the right talent faster than ever.” Marketing positioning aside, the product innovators here at TheLadders saw an opportunity for recruiters to connect and grow their talent pipeline (a must when it comes to finding and attracting quality candidates) and communicate with them in a way severely lacking in the market overall.

Since rolling out a true first-in-market product model nearly two years ago, we renamed My Pipeline to Pipeline. Through increased adoption of Pipeline, and regular optimization of the tool by TheLadders product innovators, we can now claim the following:

    • There are nearly 1 million relationships between job seekers and recruiters following one another on

    • Recruiters sending out Hiring Alerts through Pipeline receive more than double the number of applications

    • Hiring Alerts are opened on average nearly 40% of the time —
      a response rate far greater than any direct marketing industry averages around email

As seen in many other industries, trends tend to drive product introductions in online recruiting. It’s been my observation that in
the last 6 months or so, managing and cultivating talent pools is the latest trend driving new product releases in the space. The most recent introduction to the market is Talent Pipeline from LinkedIn. Although very similar in name and somewhat in its intent to improve talent pool management and communication, Talent Pipeline from LinkedIn is described as a tool to give recruiters “all of your leads at your fingertips.” A different approach to managing and communicating with a talent pool than TheLadders Pipeline — which is good for cultivating candidates in our network and sending one way communication in a unique way that results in higher response rates to recruiters and connections between recruiters and job seekers.

Historically, we have always been a company that thrives on market disruption. It has been part of our DNA since our inception. The idea of charging professionals to access our content in 2003 was one that was initially disregarded by many industry pundits. Yet, we were able to build a successful business out of it. Pipeline is yet another example how TheLadders continues to remain bold when it comes to introducing a new way to look at things in the online recruitment space. Those joining the bandwagon – albeit potentially different in its utility- are only confirmation that we continue to push the envelope when it comes to building tools for recruiters (and job seekers) that make their end goal easier to achieve.

At we try to emulate Wayne Gretsky’s philosophy, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

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Viva La Pipeline!

Alex Douzet is Co-Founder and President of In this role, Alex is responsible for global business operations, product development, and helping to lead the company’s ongoing global expansion.