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Posted by Dave Dorman

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December 16, 2011

HCI Conference with Eric Burd, VP of Product at TheLadders

TheLadders had a great time at the 2011 Human Capital Institute (HCI) Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference here in New York.

Our own Vice President of Product Management, Eric Burd, kicked off the three-day event with a workshop titled “Next Generation Recruitment Tools and Solutions: What You Need to Get Ahead.” Rather than spending 2 hours simply presenting PowerPoint slides, Eric engaged the group of talent acquisition professionals in a fun interactive session. The room was divided into 15+ teams, and Eric led them through a “design studio”—a technique adapted from the world of architecture—on the topic of how to capture and understand a candidate’s intent, a key element of “closeability” not found on the resume.

In the design studio, each team member sketched an idea and presented to their team. Each team then combined the best of its group’s ideas into one large sketch, finally presenting to the entire room.

Interesting ideas included:

    • Making a fun app or game to collect information

    • Displaying candidates internally as “Green”, “Yellow” or “Red” for a position, based on a quick survey filled out when they arrive at the career site

    • Collecting candidates’ web trails – what sites they visit, what they read, social network activity, professional groups and networks, and other “breadcrumbs” that reveal their interests

The winning team (as voted by the crowd) received American Express gift cards, and the workshop started the conference off on a high note!

Noah Goldenberg is a Research Analyst on the Product Management team at  He’s a New Jersey native, but also spent time as a Virginian and occasionally still says “yall”.