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Posted by Dave Dorman

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December 20, 2011

Dear Recruiter,

You’re passionate about helping people find the right job. Why do we say passionate? Think about all those times you counseled someone on their job search - even when you didn’t have to.  We also know you’re a professional with a very demanding job and helping everyone is quite frankly, IMPOSSIBLE.

At TheLadders we’re passionate about helping people find the right job as well. To do so, we’ve created the Signature Program – a systematic process tailored to help the $100K+ job seeker secure an offer within 6 months or their money back.

YOU can help job seekers this holiday season by referring them to TheLadders Signature Program. It's designed to make the job search process less stressful and shorter in length by working directly with one of our certified career advisors. We have a 90% success rate, so of course, your referral is in good hands and you’ll get plenty of praise.

Want more? We’ll give you $500 for every job seeker accepted into our Signature Program. In addition, the job seeker will get $100 off the program if they are referred by YOU.

Before you ask, NO- we do not want your database. Those are your contacts. We are interested in referrals that are actively looking for their next opportunity but you are unable to help them at this busy time of the year.

To learn more and participate in the referral program please email SignatureReferral@theladders.com

Sonali is Manager of Strategic Initiatives at TheLadders. When she’s not busy strategically strategizing, she is out exploring West Village, plotting her global travels and browsing twitter.