Hiring Alerts: 7 Ways to Connect

Posted by Dave Dorman

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January 12, 2012

You have a lot to say about your open reqs and keeping a consistent flow of unique and relevant communication with your candidates is never easy. Do I tweet this? Should I post that? Can I make this sound more attractive than just a title? We understand.

Professionals want more information about you and your jobs. Providing the right details is important for connecting with the right candidates—and for helping them find you.

To help you attract the best-fitting candidates, we’ve found some of the most impactful types of hiring alerts sent by recruiters on TheLadders. Here are seven ways to connect with candidates using hiring alerts on TheLadders.


Bringing humor to a hiring alert can set your job apart from other openings.


If you want to minimize the amount of unqualified applicants, use a hiring alert to deter the wrong audience.

Rule of Three

It’s always smart to follow the rule of 3— Salary, Location, and Requirements— to convey the most important information to a job seeker.

Keep the Buzz Going

Job seekers want to follow active recruiters. Keep them informed of both your jobs and their market.

Sense of Urgency

Use of timelines or incentives can be a strong way to move candidates to act.

Position Closed Notification

Keeping candidates up-to-date on filled positions is not only a courtesy but also a great way to demonstrate your accomplishments on the job.

Watch this Space

Build anticipation and your pipeline by announcing roles before you post them.

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Abhijit Sachdev is a Product Manager here at TheLadders. He’s always thinking of innovative ways to improve the recruiting experience. In warmer weather, you may catch his single-handed backhand on the tennis court.