New Homepage for Recruiters

Posted by Dave Dorman

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January 18, 2012

We're excited to announce the launch of our new homepage for Recruiters.

The new homepage allows guests to

    • Search for professionals right from the homepage

    • Easily compare our solutions and product suite

    • Request a one-on-one demo with an Account Executive

    • View product videos for Pipeline, FitFinder, and Search & Post

Promote your jobs, advertise your brand, and connect with top professionals today with Passport, our free solution.

    • Post one position

    • Search for candidates

    • Build a Pipeline of interested followers

Click here to try TheLadders Passport right from our new homepage or visit for more information.

Dan Logan is a Product Marketing Manager at TheLadders. As a frequent host of company meetings, he’s used to answering questions and keeping up with industry trends. He also lives in Brooklyn… and loves it.